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This quick 30-second survey will help me help you by writing and scheduling posts that address organization advice.

If you have been following me for awhile you know being organize hasn’t been a strong area for me.  Blogging is changing that! Blogging is the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve ever have.  Organizing the day to stay focused on what helps my readers is a new skill for me. Distractions of social media, notifications going off, a new puppy and DIY projects to get done, staying organization is imperative.

Learning the needs of my readers lets me know when and what to share and how often.
I will ask you from time to time how I’m doing. I want to make my emails something that you can wait to open. An email that is what you were looking for when you needed it most.

Let’s get Organized together!

Below are links to past organization posts.  More on the way!

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