Road Tripping

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Road Tripping Trees | Country Design Style |

Struggling young parents walk into a hotel. Carrying with them strollers, portable cribs, diaper bags, playpens, and a mammoth pile of toys. You remember those days. UGH!
Several hotels in the west had this happen a couple of days ago, only it was a senior couple with a dog. With portable crates, dog bags, playpens, and a mammoth pile of dog toys.
It was us! UGH!

Road Tripping

Mike and I both have sons that live in Colorado and named Jason!  We made a road trip to visit.  Not to worry, I’m not sharing boring vacation pictures…
well, a few…
but I do have a Road Tripping Pack List Printable for your next road trip.
Road Tripping me in the back | Country Design Style |
He like’s lots of room. She like’s to snuggle down. This works great when road tripping around the west…with a five-month-old puppy! Mike drove and I sat in back with Emily.
Actually, until she was comfortable in the car.
Road Tripping | Country Design Style |
We saw every type of weather. Snow, rain, wind and sun.
Road Tripping rocks | Country Design Style |
I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned. And those I did take were through a dirty car window! So I played around with AfterLight. It’s a photo editing app for i-phone and android.  I played around with the remove dirty window spots filter!!! 🙂
Road Tripping are we there yet | Country Design Style |
Emily saying,  “are we there yet?”
Find the puppy road tripping | Country Design Style |
Find the puppy photo!!  Let me know in comments below if you can find her.
Road Trip Packing List Pin | Country Design Style |
Road Tripping List | Country Design Style |
The list includes traveling with a dog.  Kids are excluded because I can’t even begin to remember what to take for youngsters.

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