Road Tripping

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Road Tripping Trees | Country Design Style |

Struggling young parents walk into a hotel. Carrying with them strollers, portable cribs, diaper bags, playpens, and a mammoth pile of toys. You remember those days. UGH!
Several hotels in the west had this happen a couple of days ago, only it was a senior couple with a dog. With portable crates, dog bags, playpens, and a mammoth pile of dog toys.
It was us! UGH!

Road Tripping

Mike and I both have sons that live in Colorado and named Jason!  We made a road trip to visit.  Not to worry, I’m not sharing boring vacation pictures…
well, a few…
but I do have a Road Tripping Pack List Printable for your next road trip.
Road Tripping me in the back | Country Design Style |
He like’s lots of room. She like’s to snuggle down. This works great when road tripping around the west…with a five-month-old puppy! Mike drove and I sat in back with Emily.
Actually, until she was comfortable in the car.
Road Tripping | Country Design Style |
We saw every type of weather. Snow, rain, wind and sun.
Road Tripping rocks | Country Design Style |
I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned. And those I did take were through a dirty car window! So I played around with AfterLight. It’s a photo editing app for i-phone and android.  I played around with the remove dirty window spots filter!!! 🙂
Road Tripping are we there yet | Country Design Style |
Emily saying,  “are we there yet?”
Find the puppy road tripping | Country Design Style |
Find the puppy photo!!  Let me know in comments below if you can find her.
Road Trip Packing List Pin | Country Design Style |
Road Tripping List | Country Design Style |
The list includes traveling with a dog.  Kids are excluded because I can’t even begin to remember what to take for youngsters.

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  1. Looks like you are having fun. Is your doggie behind the pillow on the left, by the headboard. Take lots of pictures. Be safe and enjoy your trip.

    1. Pam, you’re right! The little fluff ball loves getting behind a pillow or two! Thanks for popping in on our trip! Hugs.

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