Resolutions how are you doing with yours


Resolutions FPResolutions how are you doing with yours?

Mine not so great!

I’ve folded up my list, put it in my back pocket, and see how it comes out in the wash!

Still there!

Lose weight, I’ve gained 2 lbs!

Get a new hair style, it’s still under the command of a straighter!

Cut back on coffee, I sitting here with my third cup!

Get organized, while I’ve made a bit of a mess around here, I have to say I’m seeing improvements!

Get Organized Tool Box SQ2

Are you with me on your misplaced resolutions too?

My word for the year is “Aware.”

So this last day of January post is to help bring awareness to our misplaced resolutions.  I get busy and forget as I’m drinking down yet another cup of coffee, while eating buttered toast and straightening my hair.

Today is the date to stop and revisit our resolutions and check our progress.

The one area that’s not bad is get organized!

My tool box is organized, Woot, woot!

Even a couple of weeks later!

Organizing Help SQThese posts are starting to help too!

25 Ideas to start organizing your life today

Tips of organize you Pantry

10 Sort Cards

Aware throughout the year.

Resolutions FBMy washouted out resolutions…still aware!


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