Coffee Station in a Cabinet

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Have you ever walked into the kitchen and realized this just isn’t working?

Plates are across the room from the dishwasher.  The pots are in one cabinet, lids in another.  Then there’s that wandering bottle opener that finds a different place to reside anytime it’s put away.

Well, I put an end to the “this just isn’t working” when it comes to making coffee.

Plus, I have to admit an embarrassing way I stopped the wandering bottle opener!

But back to making coffee.  We love coffee.  In fact, we bought our cabin because of the front porch and…

Coffee in the wall



They actually built a place on the kitchen wall for a Meile coffeemaker.  This thing makes a~m~a~z~i~n~g coffee!

My disclaimer:  I was not compensated or received any products for free to write this post.  Any products mentioned were purchased for our home and use, or came with the home {as in the Meile.}

We used the coffeemaker built into the wall for four years.

Then it needed service!!!

I’ll just say, you can buy 15 of the most expensive coffeemakers in your local discount mass merchandiser, or service the Meile.

We serviced the Meile!

Then in another couple of years…

it needed service again!

So we bought one of those coffeemakers that use those little cups in a million flavors.

Coffee in the cabinet


Now another cool feature of our cabin is a couple of kitchen cabinets have plugins in the back.  So I put the shiny new coffeemaker in a cabinet.

I like clear counters…

unless I’m doing a DIY project and they get covered with drills, drop cloths, wood, screws, and paint! :/

After a year of trash bags full of those little cups, and I went back in time to a drip coffeemaker.

and put it in another cabinet!

Now I have a coffeemaker on the wall, two in two different cabinets, PLUS my personal favorite way to make coffee, a french press in the cabinet with pitchers.

Deciding how and where to make coffee was dizziness!!!

Parts needed to turn a cabinet into a coffee station. A great DIY project for anyone. Country Design Style

So here’s how I made a coffee station in a cabinet.  One cabinet!

1. The plug. Mine was already in the back.  A call to an electrician or creative hole drilled for cords can get the plug where needed.

2.  Full extension drawer slides.  This help when pouring water into coffeemakers.  Keep from pouring the water all over the place.

3.  The box inside the cabinet.  A box built inside the cabinet gives a pocket for the doors to slide outta the way.

4.  Pocket door hinges.

Coffee station in a cabinet. Everything slides in and cabinet door close when the coffee shakes start!!! :) Country Design Style

All set up with all my coffeemakers and supplies in one cabinet!  I even added my favorite french press.  The middle drawer holds filters, beans, those little cups, and a water pitcher.

Setting up a coffee station in a cabinet. Slide the door closed when you've have enough coffee! Tutorial on website. Country Design Style

Since currently we are using the drip coffeemaker most of the time, I placed it upfront.  It’s handy to grab the pot and we don’t run into the doors.  I even have extra space for extra kitchen equipment.


Oh, my solution to the wandering bottle opener…I tied a piece of string to it and the other end to a wire utensil holder.  Now it can’t get too far away.  Guests look at me strangely, but at least it doesn’t wander. 🙂

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  1. Now all you need is a water line IN the cabinet!!! lol
    I was glad to read about the Miele coffee maker. I have been tempted over and over to buy an expensive one like that but then when we built our home I just opted for a cabinet that sides right down on the counter (remember the ‘appliance garages of the 80’s & 90’s? Sorta like that only my door swings open and is at the end of the cabinet run). I had a water line run to the back of it and plan to put a faucet similar to a pot filler on it. Or a shower hose (stainless steel!!) with a spigot on the end. I just really don’t want to pull the whole coffee maker out to fill it. Lazy . . . . I know. Now if I could just find a coffee maker that will grind the coffee for a reason price I would be happy.

    Oh and put a coffee station in our bedroom entry too. We use the ‘pod style’ but I fill the refillables for my husband to use up there since we like certain kinds of coffee and it’s not a big deal refilling those since we grind our own anyway.

  2. I really like this coffee bar in a cabinet! I have those hide-a-way doors in my wall unit to hide my TV behind, but I never thought of them for another type of cabinet. Giving me some ideas! Not a coffee drinker, but with very little counter space, I could use it for so many other things that are needed daily like my pet food & treats for 2 dogs and cats!

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