Do you often feel uncreative?

You are not alone. 75% of adults do not feel creative. It hurts my heart when someone says they are not creative. Let’s find ways to fix it. When you get a spark of creativity you CAN make that spark grow. Creative inspires MORE creativity. My purpose is to inspire and help find that SPARK. I gather women around our virtual craft table daily with easy unique DIY projects.

Creativity grows when women gather!

Think back to the last time you planned a party with friends. One person has a great idea. Then another says, “I can make a purple snake cake!” (that happened!) And the ideas and the creativity grows around the room. It works online too!

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Hi, I’m Jeanette!

I’ve been rearranging furniture since I was 6, organized my storybooks by color, and made Barbie curtains, pillows, and tablecloths. I still sew barefoot!

I still sew barefoot!!!

I was a single mom for many years to a sweet son. We lived for a time in a duplex next to the train tracks with a wicker bench for our sofa. A kitchen that we had to step out of to open the fridge. We created a bookcase/desk from old bar stools and boards. It was FUN.

Now I live in my hometown with the most amazing man. Mike opened my world to the love of dogs. We have two Coton de Tulears named Emily and Otis. Mike spent 5 years teaching me to play golf. I’m still not good but I love the game and we have tons of laughs. We also spend time on the road in our motorhome, taking my DIY projects along!

After selling our home in the mountains of Arizona. We took on the adventure of traveling to places we thought we wanted to live. Eight months later we gave up looking. Then one night, scrolling through homes for sale apps, I found a beautiful European Farmhouse home in my hometown. Now we live in Oklahoma and my projects are taking on a simple European flair.

It’s all good!


Where you can find me

I spend tons of time on Pinterest! It’s my favorite creative and inspirational place.

Creativity & the Mind

I have family members with Alzheimer’s. We lost my mom on December 29, 2023 due to Alzheimer’s. It was not a calm, easy or short passing. It was tough, painful and devestating. I consume articles about the brain and the positive affect creativity does for the mind. When I say consume, it’s like consuming popcorn while watching Bridgerton! The benefits of a creative, focused, and calm mind that anyone can develop bring hope. This hope is my focus. It hurts my heart when someone says they are not creative. Let’s find ways to fix it.

My Creative Journey

Those Young Years

I started my creative journey sewing barefoot on my little sewing machine. When I got a bit older I started creating furniture for Midge, Barbie’s best friend. I used small cardboard boxes and matchboxes for drawers. Of course, Barbie too, but I thought Midge was cuter.

Decorating my bedrooms over the years was so much fun. And I had lots of practice. We moved 14 times in my youth and a bit over that much as an adult!

I spent as much time as my parents allowed on my Grandparent’s farm in Oklahoma. Days with mudpies, making bread, hanging clothes to dry on the line, and playing with lots of cousins.

Young Adult in the Desert

As a young adult, I found myself a single parent to an incredible son. Our first place was a duplex next to the train tracks in Tucson Arizona. We had a wicker bench for our living sofa and made a bookcase/desk from barstools and found boards.

If the grocery budget allowed, I would buy “grocery store” flowers for our pickle jar vase. We gathered yard sale furniture that I could paint and little objects to make into treasures.

Lavender Girls and the Central Coast

Then one day I met the perfect man for me. Mike encourages my creativity. After we move to the central coast of California, I started creating home decor to sell to local shops. Mike found my first customer, an adorable shop called Lavender.

Lavender became the hub of creativity for many ladies in the area. One could sew and do upholstery. Another could grow plants in unique planters, like high-heeled shoes! And I would make items from wood or paint and remake yard sale finds. We were the Lavender gals!

Back to the Heat!

Five years later, it was time for Mike and me to return to Scottsdale, Arizona. His company was growing, and I started doing the payroll. Two years later, we moved to the mountains of Arizona. I had to get out of the heat. After five years of doing payroll, he “fired” me! (actually, the company grew beyond one payroll clerk)

I started looking for something to keep my mind busy and get creative. I started a blog. I called it Homa Style, a play on the word Oklahoma and home. But after a year made the decision to change it to Country Design Style. Now I wish I’d never changed it.

Starting a blog was a personal challenge. It was a way to keep creative, learn new things, and work my brain. Projects include everything from woodworking to super easy and fast projects. I’ve created a group of online friends. A passion is creating projects or sharing techniques on live videos.

Back to my Hometown

On a whim, Mike and I sold our home in the mountains of Arizona. Then for 8 months, we traveled the west looking for a place to call home. We didn’t find one. Then one evening I found a beautiful home in my hometown. That wonderful man who found my first customer all those years ago bought the home! We now live a mile from the hospital where I was born. I have lots of family nearby and my grandparent’s old farms are 15 miles from town.

Now I’m very active doing live and time-lapse videos. Followers “gather” around our virtual craft table. We create home decor, and seasonal projects and learn new techniques, and have lots of laughs. Creativity does grow when women gather.

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