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Goal planner inside to help you finally reach your goals.

Goal Planner and Reaching Workbook tf

Have you ever completely forgot a goal? You curl up in your favorite chair in comfy PJs, open your planner to update for the new year and see a note. It says, “This year I will read 2 books each month.” Only to realize it’s been years since you’ve read a book.

This actually happened to me.

Goal Planner | Goal Reaching Workbook

It was the year before I started blogging. I had joined a book club in our community the previous year. My attendance was two meetings and I didn’t finish either book. By the third meeting, I had forgotten my goal.

Goal Planner and Reaching Workbook

Here’s what I did wrong.

The goal wasn’t important to me. It sounded like something I should do. I love reading and maybe someday it will be an “important to me” goal.

When I wrote down the goal it was in my planner. No one saw it. I didn’t tell anyone. If a goal falls and no one heard is it a goal?

Reading 2 books each month will take some time. I never gave thought to fitting reading into my days.

If I found the note mid-March, I could have reset the goal. Either read 3 books for the next 10 weeks to catch up or adjust the goal to 19 books.

The reward for reading 24 books in a year is…having read 24 books in a year. I needed to create a better reward. A new kindle would have been a great reward.

As well, I didn’t have a negative to not reading 24 books that year. I didn’t reach my goal and nothing happened.

Truly nothing! If I would have told Mike about the goal and that if I didn’t reach my goal I would have to go to Walmart in my PJs. I would have read 24 books that year!

Goal Planner and Reaching Workbook sq | Country Design Style |

Here’s what I did right

Last year I set specific goals for the website. One was increased earnings in the second half by 200%.

The goal is important to me. I’m passionate about blogging and to continue I needed to start earning.

I wrote down my goal in my goal reaching workbook. I shared my goal with Mike and a group of blogging friends.

Then I picked areas to monetize the website. Each area had a goal worksheet. Working with my schedule, I fit the time needed to work on the goal.

The goal reaching steps helped me reset when something wasn’t working. The focus turned from one ad network to a new ad network. The time to create products for the shop was longer than I planned. Those goals reset to this year.


Goal Planner and Reaching Workbook pn | Country Design Style |

Grab your goal planner here.

Goal Planner and Reaching Workbook cupg

After reaching my goal…you will not see me at Walmart in my PJs!  Whew!

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