5 Christmas take down tips

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5 Christmas take down tips | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Have you noticed you can spend as much on Christmas organization as on the gifts?  Bins, items to hold gift wrap supplies, and special ornament holders.

Today, I’m sharing ideas that will not cost a penny.  Ideas that will use your Christmas trash.

Yes, trash…

5 Christmas take down tips

5 Christmas take down tips SQ

This is a quick post with 5 Christmas take-down tips to make Christmas a bit easier next year.

They don’t cost anything and make use of some holiday leftovers.

Uh, not the food leftovers! 🙂

The wrapping, cards, and trash leftovers.

Yep, trash!

Christmas Mess

Here’s the mess we made.  I can’t remember why the step ladder came out???

Can you find the puppy?  Heh, heh!

Take down tips

Wrapping paper tubes

1.  Cut down wrapping paper rolls to fit in your storage bin or box to wrap strings of lights.  This keeps them from tangling next year.

Boxes for ornaments

2.  Use gift boxes and torn pieces of wrapping paper to store ornaments.  I must have been hanging on the wall when I took that picture, the bell is sideways!


To and From tags

3.  Use leftover gift tags as labels for holiday storage boxes.  Group decorations such as all tree decor in one box, mantel decor in another, tabletop in another.  Group decorations if you tend to use the same decor each year.  If you’re a DIY blogger group decorations by type.  For example, I have three boxes I use only for ornaments.  But I may display ornaments all around the house.  Some on the mantel, some in the wreath on the front door, others in silver dishes on the coffee table.

Folded boxes

4.  Flatten gift boxes and slide into a larger gift bag.  We are using the same gift bag to hold flatten boxes for the past 8 years.

Christmas Cards

5.  Collect the Christmas cards and make a list of people who sent cards this year.  Put the list in your November file.  You do have a November file, right?  If not just put the list in a holiday box and mark which box has the list.  Next year you will know who to send cards to and how many to buy or make.

5 Christmas take down tips pn | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Now to take everything down and get it put away for next year.  It may take till then to get it done!

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Remember a penny saved is a penny!

Keep the tips coming and add your tips to comments below.

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