Bullet Journal Layout Digital

It’s hard to get things done when you’re not sure what needs doing when. I’ve overcome this challenge, and I’m sharing how.

computer, ipad and phone with digital journal
Bullet Journal Layout Digital

Do you over plan? I could spend days planning something that takes a few hours to complete without a plan. It’s a rabbit hole for me.

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How it started & went down rabbit holes

The planning and now getting things done stopped when I learned about the bullet journal. If you haven’t heard of the bullet journal, take a few minutes and read about the system.

I started using the technique about two years ago. I quickly plan, make short notes, and get things done when they need doing. But I started falling down another rabbit hole.

On Pinterest (my favorite place in the evenings to hang out), I found lots of ideas for the bullet journal. There are stickers and drawings lots of ideas to take down another rabbit hole. My accessible journal became cluttered and ineffective.

I wrote about the best bullet journal ideas and the journal I bought on Amazon to get started. It is a good idea to start on paper.

Little scratch pieces of paper everywhere

I started over with a clean slate or journal. Things got back on track. I knew what I need to do and when I should do it. After a few weeks, I noticed when my journal wasn’t nearby; I wrote a note on a sticky or whatever was handy.

Those notes became my messy rabbit hole. I found scribbles on paper in my purse, on the craft room table, and everywhere my journal wasn’t.

Close to zero paper

I’m working on moving close to zero paper in our house. I can stash paper everywhere. Guests would never believe how must paper is in our house. With this decision, my paper planner is going out with the stack of old magazines.

Bullet Journal Digital Layout

The bullet journal has an app that’s a place to hold notes until you can get to your journal. It seems like a great idea, but I thought since my phone is always nearby, why not use it as the bullet journal.

I’ve used iNotes on my computer, iPad, and iPhone for years. Why not use it as a bullet journal.

I set up the journal layout, in the same manner, as the original.

today on computer

The index is the folders of the iNotes.

Daily is my today note.

List of months for to do list now and future

Monthly is set up the same as the bullet technique.

The folders are categories.

Reaching goals

As I use my bullet journal, I check these three things to reach the goals.

Each January, the 25 ideas to start organizing your life today is my most popular post for the month. See if any of the ideas will help you.

Emoji Signifiers

list of emojis

I was using emojis for signifiers, but for the most part, have stopped. But if you’re interested, these are the ones I’ve used.

  • 🐸Frogs are the things that I don’t want to do but need to do.
  • 🛠️DIY’s are the projects I share with you.
  • 🎞️Editing is my secret passion. I enjoy editing photos and videos
  • 🐘Elephants are significant things (like writing a book) I do a bit at a time. (or bite!)

For the last three months, this is working and fun. My bullet journal is always next to me on my phone, tablet or computer. Not downstairs on my desk when I’m upstairs, not upstairs when I’m in the workshop. When I add a note all the devices sync automatically.

And no sticky notes everywhere.

Now to figure out how to overcome dinner ideas every night.

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