Collapsible water container and ideas to make small living easy

Is storage a problem in your home?  The idea of a collapsible water container from the past is helping to solve storage problems today.
Collapsible products to help with living small

Now I can store 9 items in the place my large dish drainer use to sit.

Collapsible items for the home

Do you remember this collapsible metal cups? My aunt had one that I could play with in my playhouse. I found this one in a thrift store several years ago for 25 cents. It’s staying in our second home, a 321 square foot RV. While it doesn’t save much space, you will see the flattened items below are a huge space saver.

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Collapsible Strainer

I love the strainer with the handle. I didn’t measure beforehand but it happens to fit across my little sink perfect. If I had two, Mike and I could play tennis or pickleball …whatever that is.

Collapsible Water Container

There are tons of healthy things we should do. But how many do we do? One I’m consistent with. Drinking eight or more glasses of water each day. I’m a bit obsessed. The perfect water container for the day makes the day.

Collapsible dish drainer

Since spending time in the RV I’m on a handwashing dishes kick. Even at home with a fancy dishwashing machine sitting there. Have you see cloth mats to dry dishes on? They are okay if you have a couple of things to wash. But you can stand plate on end. The first dish drainer is on the way to our house. If I love it I’ll get a second one for the big house.

Folding bins

Have you traveled in an RV? The bottom has a ton of storage called “the basement.” We did like many do when organizing and bought too many bins and many in the wrong size. Although have collapsible bins will not solve the problem. Have a couple to transport items from the house to the RV and back is perfect. Plus they don’t take much space when stored empty.


How many buckets do you need? As long as it’s a good bucket, I say one, in each house. The RV has a collapsible bucket. The dollar store bucket in the cleaning closet at home is replaced by a collapsing bucket.

Folding Wagon

I envision long walks pulling a collapsible wagon holding cute little Emily inside. She does not have the same vision! So for now, I’m passing on the folding wagon. When we have a smaller house with grass instead of rock it’s will be in my shopping cart. Perfect for garden tools.

Folding Dog Crate

The second crate above is the one we have for Emily. It folds flat and opens in under 30 seconds. There’s door in one long side and one in the short side. Plus one in the top. Emily doesn’t know about the one in the top. So don’t tell her. It’s our little secret.

Collapsing Dog Bowl

Each time I open my purse and see Emily’s pink dog bowl, I smile. Emily will not drink from other dog’s bowl. When I change purses the dog bowl moves along with my wallet.

Helpful collapsible products for your home

We removed the one large dish drainer and in its place will fit everything below.

  • 1 strainer
  • 1 bucket
  • 4 different water containers
  • 2 folding bins
  • and the collapsible dish drainer

That’s a great storage solution.  Plus everything weighs almost the same.  I understand weigh is an issue when RVing.

Some of the coolest collapsible products

It’s a blast finding solutions to make 321 square feet function as well as 3400 square feet.

And it is working!!!

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    I used to have one of those cups! I love all of your collapsible discoveries and think they would work for me while I’m living in a small space, and traveling in a small car. I’m so excited for you and your RV lifestyle!

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