Under the Sink Organization Idea

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Opening the cabinet under the kitchen sink can be like opening a science lab. A month after decluttering and organizing what’s left, I find bottles tipped over or in the back. One bottle is laying on its side leaking something all over the new liner.
Which is why I had to come up another idea.

Under the Sink Organization Idea

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Finding solutions that work to solve challenges for tasks I’m not fond of doing, as always a bonus. Since cleaning isn’t high on my list, finding a way to grab what I need when I need it is high on my list.

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Last month, anything that didn’t need to be under the sink found a new home. Some found a new home called the trash. When finished, I laid down a new shelf liner. Then preceded to fill only what I felt need to live under the sink.
Back stock found a new home in the pantry. Cleaning solutions I rarely used found the trash. Six cleaning bottles, extra dish soap, dishwasher soap and dishwasher rinse returned. Everything was great!
After a month, I found myself reaching in the back for the Windex. Another time I could find the vinegar bottle behind the box of dishwasher soap box. Then something leaked. Ugh!
Then one day I was cleaning upstairs and had hooked the cleaning bottle in my sweatshirt pocket. It’s a habit of mine. Spray the area, hook in the pocket and hands-free cleaning. Makes cleaning faster.

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My Aha moment!

I ordered a tension curtain rod. 

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A tension curtain rod is easy to install. Twist to open the curtain rod. Then continue twisting until the rod is snug in place. Done.

Now those bottles hang like in my sweatshirt pocket.

Notice the farmhouse labels I added?  Some were not necessary, like on the hydrogen peroxide. But I did it anyway.
Did you know hydrogen peroxide will lose its effectiveness if exposed to light? That’s why the brown bottle.
My mint cleaner recipe is so basic you probably have everything in your cabinet right now.

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A shared on the DIY HelpLetter why I keep the dishwasher rinse booster on the soap box.  When I need to remember something, I place it in the way.  Now I remember to use it too.

All the time spend decluttering and organizing under the sink will not stick…with this sink organization idea!

Finally, it’s time for a shower.  As I open the shower door, what do I see…

a soap bottle tipped over leaking soap down the drain.

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