Use it up or Save it?

Use it up or save it FPAre you a use it up or a save it kind of person?

I’m a save it.  That’s how I got the sweetest Christmas present ever.

I had told Mike about getting a little makeup kit when I was about 6 years old.

I love that little makeup kit.

I wanted to keep it forever.

Use it up or save itSo I used it very sparingly.  I brushed over the eye shadow ever so lightly.  I didn’t want to leave a mark in the top of the layers of makeup.

Over the years, I realize when I buy a package of new socks it will sit in the drawer until my old socks start falling off my feet.

I must use up the very last drop of anything before opening new.

Use it up or save it-3That brings me to the sweetest Christmas present…

a kids makeup kit!

With the practice of using it up!

Use it up or save it-2So as you can see…

I’m working on it!

Use it up or Save itIt even has a light~up vanity!

So, if you see me walking down the street looking like a clown

please just smile and say “hello!”

Use it up or save it SQI’m working on using it up! 😀


So, let me know in comments, are you a use it up of save it kind of person?

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  1. I do not Facebook so I will leave a comment here, and hope I don’t miss your 30 days posts. I didn’t know if they will come to email to, I have subscribed because you have a very “real” blog and I am loving it, I just found you today. If I saw you on the street I am sure that I would think, “gorgeous” just like the vanity states!

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