Mason Jar Seal Tags

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Mason-jar-seal-tags-SQWith all the mason jar crafts around I’ve been doing I’m finding an abundance of mason jar seals stacking up.  It seems adding candles or using them as vases, leaves the seal outta the picture.

What to do with a stack of mason jar seals???

Make mason jar seal tags!

Above I painted the seals and used a permanent marker to label the baskets on the tops shelves of my closet.

But what if I want to erase and relabel something???

Chalkboard-mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-SQHow about chalkboard mason jar seal tags??

So here’s what I did to make them.

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-styleI used an awl {which is like a heavy duty ice pick} to tap in a hole at the top of the ring.

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-2This leaves sharp split metal on the other side, so I laid the ring on a small piece of wood and tapped the metal down a bit.

More on the little hole later.

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-5Next I simply painted the seals.  I used a latex paint and have to admit a metal spray paint would work better.

I didn’t have any spray paint in the color I wanted for my closet, so I made do.

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-eyelet-setterAfter painting two coats, I used an eyelet setter to place a little metal ring in the hole.  The scary looking pink handled thing is a great eyelet setter I found for $10 in a scrapbook store going out of business.  Eyelets can also be set using the silver setter on the left with a hammer.

Think I’ll do a short video about setting eyelets soon!  Would you watch?

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-6Here are my mason jar seal tags in my closet.

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-3An here are a couple in the guest room upstairs closet.  I’m planning on making more chalkboard mason jar seal tags {that’s a mouthful} for more craft storage.

Mason-jar-seal-tags-country-design-style-4Make sure if you do the chalkboard paint on metal, use the spray paint kind.  It will stick to the metal seals and not peel off when you so to write with the chalk!

Learned from experience!


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  1. Yippee! I’ve been trying to think of a way to label my growing clever ion of crafting supplies that are all nicely concealed in cloth cubes. Just can’t remember what’s where! This looks uniform, classy and easy. Thanks – you’re a genius!

      1. WOW – autocorrect really did a number on that post! (was supposed to say “growing collection”) Glad you understood 🙂 Hugs back at you!

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