Farmhouse Style Spools DIY

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Farmhouse Style Spools DIY main 1 | Country Design Style |

When I can’t find something I want I make it. This started me on my DIY adventure. Before the internet, I love browsing Home stores the being a single parent I browsed. They Went home and made what I saw.
While cruising Pinterest I saw vintage spools. And like browsing the home stores I re-created what I saw.
Today I’m sharing how I made them so you can make some too. But if making them is not your thing I’m sharing how you can find some similar and inexpensive.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY

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Farmhouse Style Spools DIY Main | Country Design Style |

List of Supplies and Tools

Dowel {mine is 2 inches in diameter}
Miter saw {or have the home improvement store cut the dowel for you}
Scrap wood
Wood Glue
Jigsaw with wood blades
Sanding block or paper
Something round to made draw circles the size you want or try this.  {I made several sizes of circles…by pairs!!}
Chalk paint
Rubber stamps {I didn’t have these but wish I did when I made the spools}  I use alphabet stamps and stamp pad
Various twines and ribbons

You can also purchase these 3-inch wood circles if you don’t have a jigsaw or scrap wood.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY 2 | Country Design Style |

The Steps

One ~ Cut the dowel into 3-inch to 6-inch pieces.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY 3 | Country Design Style |

Two ~ Draw circles on your scrap wood.  Cut out the circles using a jigsaw and sand the edges.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY rubber stamp | Country Design Style |

Three ~ Stamp on one side of your wood circles.

Four ~ Glue the circles on each end of the dowel pieces.  Using my favorite wood glue and no nails needed.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY painting | Country Design Style |
Farmhouse Style Spools DIY | Country Design Style |

Five ~  Mix half water and half chalk based paint for a white washing or in my case brown washing look.  You could do the aging wood technique, but do the stamping first.  Sometimes the aging technique causes the ink to run.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY Square | Country Design Style |

Six ~  Wrap the spools in various twines and ribbons.  Included in the display is the & sign.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY for pinning | Country Design Style |

Here are other large wood farmhouse style spools I found on Amazon.  Enjoy!

When I create a project using rubber stamps I wish I had more stamps.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your windmill picture on Pinterest that linked me to “the rest of your story”. Oh how I love your design and decor. My husband and I live in an old home that this grandparents built a very long time ago. We have fixed up and added on to it raising our five children. I am looking to paint a big simple barn picture on canvas that would go over the double entry doors in the new addition. We’ve tried to tie the New with the old part of the house by displaying antiques etc on a long shelf near the ceiling of the addition. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Terri, Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for sharing your story. You are lucky to have a family home to make your own. What great history. Thank you for reading along and following. Hugs to you and your family.

    1. Tami, I wish we were neighbors too! I can see all we would create. So, we’ll have to be neighbors and BFFs online! Thanks for stopping by!

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