My Repurposed Desk

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Would you like a home office in a unit that closes up in 30 seconds?  I turned a rarely used buffet into my repurposed desk for blogging.  And everything hides in 30 seconds.

My repurposed desk closed

My repurposed desk is a buffet we bought at a yard sale about 15 years ago for $100.

I love the curvy front.  It was gold when I first laid eyes on it.  Over the years it sat quietly holding dishes, tablecloths and the “good” napkins.  Which means the doors and drawers were only opened when bringing out the “good” stuff.

My Repurposed Desk

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My repurposed desk Country Design Style-3

So basically this beautiful piece of furniture sat surrounded by windows…

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-4

with amazing views of the pines and our huge front porch.

My current desk

My Desk

While on the other side of the dining room, in a corner, next to the counters of the dining side of the kitchen…sat this mess, ugh!

Actually, the piece on the left is a cool cabinet from Ballard Designs.  It’s called “the billpayer.”  I added a pullout shelf to hold my laptop.  The ugly on the right is an old file cabinet.  I painted it black to blend or make it disappear.  You can see how that worked out.  I never sit there.  I spend a lot of time blogging sitting at the dining table.

Repurposing the buffet

The Buffet

So now to repurpose the buffet into something useful.  My first task was to find other places for the stuff in the buffet.  Found a few things I forgot about.

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-5

The top middle drawer is the perfect table height for a laptop.  So I took the drawer out and gently took it apart.  I wanted to keep the buffet intact as much as possible.  The bottom of the drawer, back and sides are tucked behind the buffet.

I added a door clasp to the inside edge with the “male” part on the curvy drawer front.  {sorry it’s not that kind of website}

In the blurred bokeh part of the photo above, you can make out the drawer slides

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-6

They were mounted on the inside to hold leftover boards from the industrial cart coffee table.  I sanded them down and aged the wood with vinegar and tea.  You can see this technique in this old wood.

Now I have the perfect place to blog and write.

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-8

For now, I pull the front off and tuck it under the laptop shelf.  Eventually, I will add drawer slides to the drawer front.  It will slide out and hang down.

File Storage

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-10

Now for files.  I took the black file cabinet apart and used the file box without the particle board front.  For a bit of rustic, I added a piece of beadboard to the fronts and rustic handles.

Now came something that took two days

I removed the side drawer glides from the file boxes and finally got them to work on the bottom of the boxes.  The cabinet was not wide enough to leave the glides on the side.  Trying to figure that out gave me nightmares!!!!!

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-11

But I got it done!

My repurposed desk

Update:  The printer is now in the bottom drawer.  I removed the drawer front the same way as for the laptop.

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-12

My repurposed desk…easy gliding.

Office Supplies

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-9

Now it’s time to fill up my repurposed desk.  The silverware drawer is perfect for small office items.  The drawer on the other side I only keep my notebook.  The two middle drawers have a couple of current magazines and some design books.  I thought about putting the printer on the bottom.  But for now, I’m leaving it in the cabinet next to the garage.  I rarely print anything.

Decor for the top

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-13

Now for something pretty on the top…my favorite rusty holder and a cream colored vase to hold grocery store flowers.  I have dreams of always keeping fresh flowers on top.  Could be just a dream:-/

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-14

In the center is the top portion of the bill payer and a slide ruler.  It reminds me of my dad.

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-15

On the other side is my Farmhouse file box.  I don’t know how I got things done without it.

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-18

Here’s a photo of our dining room complete with my new office area…and dog beds, and dog toy boxes!  But that’s our life.

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-16

Oh, and that bill payer is now much more useful as a bar!  More fun than paying bills or holding a laptop.  I can hide the ugly bottle in the large file drawer.  Heh, heh!


I can simply slide the computer in, snap on the drawer front and it looks like our beautiful curvy buffet.

Plus it’s a hoot to ask someone to get the napkins out of the middle drawer and the drawer front breaks away.  Great practical joke…can’t wait till my brother comes over.  Is that mean?

I love my brother!

Wonder how many times I typed “drawer”?  I want Mike to read this one aloud to me, he’s from Massachusetts.  Okay, that was mean!

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-7Now to get to work…

A repurposed desk

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  1. Shayne Fifer says:

    It appears there are two sets of slides on the laptop drawer. Can you tell me how you put it together exactly please?

    Thank you

    1. Shayne, Yes there are two sets of drawer slides on each side. I used two sets so the drawer slides would pull out farther than normal sides. This is what I did. Installed a set of slides with a piece of wood on each slide. The wood is about 1 1/2 inch square and about 11 inches long. Then on each piece of wood, I added another slide. This slide holds the wood for the computer. I admit it wasn’t easy but when it when together it works great! There are drawer slides that extend completely, but I was trying to save money. Hope this helps you. ~Jeanette

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