3 Things That Keep People From Reaching Goals


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3 Things that Keep People from Reaching Goals | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

3 Things That Stop People From Reaching Goals

Wow, I don’t write many posts like this!  But let’s go for it okay??

Are you with me?

We are all writing down goals, planning for the future, and making those resolutions.

Let’s reach them together.

3 Things That Stop People From Reaching Goals

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I’m not an expert on how to reach goals.  There are 3 things that stop me from reaching my goals consistently.

Maybe they are things that stop you too.

1. Over Planning

I’m a planner.  You would think planners would be incredible goal achievers, but I’m not.  Planning is fun for me. There!   I said it.  I didn’t realize I was a planner until last weekend.  I had written down my goals for the website, my weight, and our home.  When working on my business goals, I got out the calendar and started breaking down the steps to reach my goals.  Pretty basic…until I looked up after 9 hours.

I was at a perplexing point in November.  I started promoting an ebook…

that I haven’t started writing!! 

I spent 20 minutes moving dates around in November for a nonexisting book! That’s when I realized…I am an over planner!  At some point, the planning needs to stop and the action begins.  That ebook now has the outline done.  Action!


3 Things that Stop People from Reaching Goals | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

2. Perfection

One of my favorite quotes is Voltaire’s, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  I love details.  The details in woodwork.  The distressing details in painted furniture.  The details in a dreamy table setting, or the details in a mantel display.  I could bury myself in the details.  I can spend hours on the details.

This past weekend I started organizing my clothes…and forgot my quote.  I was looking for perfection in organizing.  I never found perfection in organizing my tops.  How many do I keep?  Do I organize by type or color?  Which tops hang and which tops can fold?  Maybe I need to walk away for awhile and eat a cookie.  While eating my cookie I realized,

“there’s not perfection in organizing.”  

This weekend I will finish organizing my clothes in 2 hours.  Not perfect, but better.   A timer helps me do the good.

But…take a gander at the almost perfect idea I made to organize my tops. 🙂

3 Things that Keep People from Reaching Goals simply | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

3. Not keeping sight of your goal

I’m one that needs my goal in my face!  Written in permanent ink on my forehead.  I forget goals listed in a planner.  The planner closes and I can’t see my goals.  To remember I need them in my sight.  Don’t hide your goal in a closed planning book.  Bring them out in the open.  Here are some creative ways to see your goals daily.

Write goals on a chalkboard.
Add your goal to a sticky on your mirror.
Turn the computer screensaver into a goal reminder.
Paint your goal on a rock to set on your desk.
Print your goal on a strip of paper and display in a cloche.
Remove daily goals from the planner and clip them on a clipboard.  My rustic clipboard is in the images.


3 Major Things that Stop People from Reaching Goals Me too | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

There are long lists of things that stop people from reaching their goals.  These are my major goal stoppers.  Let’s start a list of things that stop people from reaching their goals.  Leave your goal stoppers below in comments to help other readers.

What stops you from reaching your goals?

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Great ideas, and I can relate to many of the same obstacles of reaching goals. I find I have too many goals with too many steps to PREPARE before I can start working on them. Like the idea of writing them on a rock! I immediately wanted to do that, but my brain went to, FIND the perfect rock, WHICH font and colors should I use?, then WHEN will I find time to paint it?, finally, WHERE will I put it so I can see it and not cover it up with my other unfinished projects?!! I think I need a full time keeper! Lol! Your posts will help me stay on track, with a good laugh too!

  2. This post is so wonderful!! Thank you. I am the same way. List maker, over planner/achiever, out of site/out of mind…non accomplished goal person. So frustrating. I LOVE your ideas and will be implementing them!! **pinning

    1. Thank you, Michele. I sure these three simple adjustments will help. They are helping me even though I still have a long way to go. Thanks for pinning.

  3. La of LoLa says:

    Hi. Thanks for your thoughts. I have just retired and my friend and I are starting a diy business. First week and four projects on the go. We had a little stumble but we will overcome. Look forward to your info everyday!

    1. I so excited to hear about your new DIY business! Are you starting an online business or etsy store? I’m n the process of writing a common sense down to the basics start a blog ebook. Best of everything to you and your partner!

  4. I have 2 major obstacles, I get overwhelmed and I can’t seem to stay focused!

    1. Meg, I can understand the overwhelmed and staying focused issue. When I get overwhelmed I try to find a simple place to start something. If I’m organizing or cleaning a room I focus on one corner or area. If it’s a large goal I start with making a list of tasks then put them in order. Music help me stay focused and keeps my mind from wondering to another idea or project. Maybe these ideas will help you too! 🙂

    1. Kay, that’s a wonderful trait! I can do that if I’m super excited about the project. Nothing else gets done including eating or sleeping. Wish I could be that way on smaller projects too!

  5. I did like your idea of putting your goals on your desktop.

    1. I does help me stay focus while on the computer. Which is a big time waster if you let it. I set a timer for computer time to stay focus and on task.

  6. Like a lot of creative people I get distracted by “great ideas”. I will be in the middle (or starting) one project and find myself leaving it to work on something else. I will have to teach myself to keep my goal in mind.

    1. Paulette, I can relate to the other great idea problem. Right now I’m covering up that problem with the website!!! When I’m doing a large project, I still have a do smaller projects to keep posts consistent. At least that’s what I tell Mike. 😕

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