6 Home Organization Ideas Junk Style

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Sharing helps others too!

What if your junk could help your home organization?  Let’s try these home organization junk style ideas.

Home organization junk style

Are you working hard to get organized this year…

once and for all? home-organization-country-design-style-fp

All the years of trying and not getting organized, I decided my problem is I don’t like plastic.  Plus all those ugly plastic bins and drawers and fancy pencil holders are expensive.

I love using my farmhouse file box!  It’s been keeping my papers organized for almost 4 years.  I think I like using it because it’s junky, rustic and farmhouse.  So I gathered up junk around the house to help get organized.

Home organization junk style…I gathered 6 ideas to share with you.

Wood boxes


Make simple wooden boxes with scrap wood pieces.  One I added handles found in the kitchen junk drawer when I was cleaning it out.


The other I added a stick for a handle.  It’s perfect for holding food spice packets.  I would rather open the kitchen cabinet and see a rustic wooden box than a plastic box.

Boards and Nails


Do you have an old board and some old nails?  Hammered the nails in leaving about 1/2 inch of the nailhead.  Perfect in the pantry for holding aprons and



My grandmother had a nail in the door frame inside her little pantry for holding bananas.  Cheaper than a banana hammock and works just as well…

until there’s only one banana left!

Muffin tins and pencil boxes


Plastic pencil holder or a metal utensil holder?  Don’t toss the rusty muffin tin use it for office stuff.  I think my muffin tins get rusty from lack of muffin making.



My craft area needed some type of boxes to hold craft supplies.  I looked at buying plastic bins or cardboard boxes.  Then decided to scrounge around the house.  Above is my collection of boxes and containers.  The black rugged case is very special to me.  It was my brother’s “stage right” case.  He’s in a band.  Another thing that makes it so cool that I use his case is…my brother uses my old briefcase.  I love my brother!

The blue case on the right is my son’s old turntable.  One of those things I just can’t give up.  No wonder I have trouble getting organized…

too much junk!

Now, this piece of junk treasure is holding rubber stamps!

Springs and clothespins


This old bench spring was our centerpiece on our Thanksgiving table.  Now I’m using it for my inspiration board.


I’m collecting more home organization junk style ideas!

Crates of metal or wood


This metal crate is hanging in the craft area too.  It’s a perfect piece to stash junk creative supplies!


This is the inside of a crate turned side table.  Think about the furniture spaces in your home.  Could a desk or end table hold crafting supplies?

So I think I’m on my way to living an organized life.

I just need more junk!

What do you use to organize?  Please share any tips you have with our readers in comments below?

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  1. You have given great ideas, esp. the nail and bananas! I’m going to have to try it. I also agree with you about plastic totes.

    1. Thank you KayC for visiting. I loved the nail for the bananas too! I have almost forgot about adding it to the post. Jeanette

  2. Cool ideas, I also use those little wooden boxes you get clementine tangerines in. They stack neatly and are free after you eat the tangerines.

  3. Cute ideas!! Wish I’d seen that muffin tin idea before I sold mine at a yard sale last year!!!!!!!!


  4. Andi Cacciatore says:

    These ideas are so cute! Cool clutter junk turned into creative clutter catchers!! I have a tiny work area, with so much junk and other materials to organize, that I ended up buying wooden cubbies, stacking them to the ceiling, and putting those collapsible, Walmart, square, cloth shopping bags in each cubby. I’ve sorted much of my recyclables into them and now I’m working on labeling them. Cheaper than the cloth or basket type boxes and they hold a ton of junk. I may cover the exposed end with fabric scraps to improve the appearance – someday! But I love your Junk Style ideas so much more 🙂

    1. Wow Andi, I love the idea of adding cloth shopping bags! Even in our house I don’t have as much space as I would like to create. Then again, there might not ever be enough space! 🙂 Jeanette

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