Organizing Craft Supplies

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After reading this you’ll be hanging a lampshade in your bookcase too. Especially if you’re organizing craft supplies with little space.

Organizing craft supplies

If this sounds familiar to you please read on and see which idea works best for you.

This works great if you have lamp space.

craft organization wall | Country Design Style |

When I first created this idea. it sat on a table like a lamp. But as you can see I don’t have a place to sit a lamp. Unless I set it on the top of the wall of cabinets. But then I would be able to reach my junk.

Two lampshade frames holds crafting needs

As I filled the wall of cabinets, I noticed the revolving bookcase had some open spots. Hum! I can hang a lampshade there and there!

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Things you will need

Thrift store lampshade
3 inch bolt with locking nut
Drill with 1/4 [check] bit
Hanging clips – these are the ones I bought  I just found these clips on Amazon too that are a bit cheaper.
Manilla tags or my downloadable farmhouse style labels
Small envelopes
Tape and stapler
Lots of small craft supplies!
Basic bookcase

Hang the lampshade

Lampshade hanging in a bookcase

Decide the best location to hang the shade. Make sure to allow room for the lampshade to turn when loaded with craft supplies.

Mark the location and then drill a hole through the shelf

Add the bolt down through the hole

Place the bolt through the top hole in the lampshade.

Screw on the locking nut

Now your lampshade spins.

The clips

Organizing craft supplies using a lampshade frame.

These small clips are key to making this work. I would love to use clothespins but they are too bulky. I did try those adorable small clothespins but things tend to fall off when turning.

Revolving bookcase filled with craft supplies

My number one goal for designing this space was to have things in plain sight. This answers the goal.

lampshade frame with craft supplies hanging with clips

Now that I can see my junk, even the smaller pieces, more DIY projects are in my future.

Lampshade frame holding craft supplies

Leaving room for more junk!

I love hanging in my craft area.

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