Quick Cleaning Tips

Company is coming and your house looks like a tornado struck. You don’t need floors you could eat off them. You eat at the dining room table when company comes! You need quick cleaning tips to get things back in order.


Who’s cleaning before company arrives?

Raise your dust rag!

Here are a few quick cleaning tips I found works for me and that I’ve picked up over years of living with a “janitor!”

Quick Cleaning Tips

~ Don’t clean it if it’s not dirty! I’m not fond of housecleaning, but even I find myself cleaning the kitchen cabinets when they don’t need it. Make sure to stop cleaning once it’s clean.

~ Wear your cleaning tools. Grab an apron with large pockets or dig around in the garage for a tool belt; if nothing else, put on a sweatsuit with big pockets.

Oh, I don’t answer the doorbell when I’m wearing my tool belt unless I also have on pearls!

Heh, heh! It is a sight!


You save time and steps by having your cleaning supplies within reach as you go around the room.

Clean Clockwise

Work clockwise

~ Work clockwise. It’s weird, but some studies show most people work faster if they enter a room and start on the left, working clockwise around the room. People will use fewer steps and finish faster. It does work for me, and I’m left-handed! Start at the top and work down.

Ostrich feather duster

~ Use a quality L*A*R*G*E ostrich feather duster. love my feather duster, really I do. Maybe you couldn’t tell by the dust on the mantel, but it is fun to use. Plus, it’s so pretty!

but it is fun to use.  Plus it’s so pretty!

A quality ostrich feather duster will last for years. I clean mine by swishing in warm soapy water, rinsing, and sitting outside to dry. The first time I wash it, I thought I killed it!

It looks like a dead duck when wet, but it does pop back to life when dry. Whew!

my cleaning solution-country-design-style

~Use a homemade cleaner. My favorite is 1 part white vinegar, 1 part green minty mouthwash, and 1 part water.

The white vinegar is a no-brainer, but I add green minty mouthwash because I figure if it kills germs in your mouth, why not on your kitchen counters?? Plus, I love the smell of mint. I buy the green one, so I can tell it apart from the blue glass cleaner at a glance.

If I happen to be out of mouthwash, step back 😉 I use a few drops of spearmint or peppermint oil in the mix.

I also believe the mint smell detracts mice and bugs.

Just what I believe!

Timer for cleaning

~Use a timer as you walk in; set the timer to 10 or 15 minutes according to how dirty the room is. 😀 When the timer goes off, stop.

Music for cleaning

~Clean to music. This one could just be me, but I have more fun cleaning and moving to danceable music. My arms are flailing, feet tapping, and butt…well, I won’t go there!

Now I gotta get busy cleaning before company arrives.

Next, I grab my feather duster and notice my hair pile on top of my head.

My feather duster

…Feather Duster…

My Hair


My feather duster

Feather Duster…

My Hair



Quick-Cleaning-Tips | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Finally, I hope these quick cleaning tips help get you started.

We’re in this together!

Where do I keep my most used cleaning supplies?  Click, the under the sink organization idea to see this easy tip.

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  1. I love your tips! Vinegar is a must in cleaning if you ask me, but I never thought of mouthwash! That’s great! If you use 1 part vinegar with 1 part dawn…heat it up and spray your shower/bath and let it sit for a while, even the toughest soap scum will wipe right off. A lot stinky but a lot easier too! Great post

    1. Jill thank you for the dawn tip. I tried it in one of the baths upstairs and it did great. I think it’s dawn in water that helps with ice on sidewalks too. I need to try it first before posting about that one. ~Jeanette

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