Mason Jar Twine Holder

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My maternal and paternal grandmother’s canned vegetables and kept them in their cellar. Oklahoma gets a few tornados (to say the least), and many times we hung out in the cellar. It’s strange, but I liked the comfort of the cellar with all the canned goods lined up on the dusty old shelves, even with the havoc happening outside.

spool of twine in green mason jar

I use twine and Mason jars in every room of my house, so it makes sense to combine the two for this project. Plus, searching for where I last left the ball or spool of twine wastes precious crafting time. I made these twine holders for every room in our home. They are so cute, I don’t mind leaving them out. The best part is that it only takes about two and a half minutes to make one. 

Materials for small jar

Wide-mouth pint Mason jar with ring and seal


Eyelet and snap punch (I used Crop-A-Dile®)

Ball of twine

The 2-minute steps

hole punch and grommets

1 Gather all of your supplies before you begin. Though any brand will work for the eyelet and snap punch, I used the Crop-a-Dile® brand.

2 Remove the ring and seal from the Mason jar.

Mason jar seal with hole and small grommet

3 Make a hole in the seal with the larger side of the eyelet and snap punch.

4 Place an eyelet in the hole. 

added grommet to seal

5 Set the pliers of the eyelet and snap punch to the larger size. Add the eyelet to the pliers and squeeze to insert the eyelet.

ball of twine in mason jar

6 Drop the twine in the jar. Feed the end through the eyelet hole, then add the seal and ring onto the mason jar. 

Make larger twine holders


Large grommet kit

Forstner bit set

Large mason jar

Block of wood

Piece of spindle or wood dowel that fits inside the jar

Steps to add grommet to seal

1 Place the mason jar seal on the block of wood to protect your tabletop.

2 Drill using 1/4 to 1/2 inch forstner bit. Forstner bits are easier for me to use when making larger holes. The bit doesn’t move all over the place. 🤦‍♀️

Some grommet kits come with hole makers. Mine didn’t but the one above does.

3 Place the male grommet on the base, add the seal then the flat piece of the grommet.

4 Place the mandrel on the grommet.

5 Play “whack a mole” and hit the mandrel hard.

spindle next to green mason jar

6 Wrap twine around the spindle or dowel. Then insert the end through the grommet and attach the lid to the mason jar.

3 mason jar twine holders

Here are some unique ways to use twine.

  • Thread heavy twine through the chains of your porch swing or hanging light.
  • Cut several 3 to 5-inch pieces and coat with Mod Podge. Mix with your hands. Twist the pieces together and spread out the ends on one side. Let dry. When dry, use hot glue to replace plastic pumpkin stems with twine stems.  or here for fast ideas for pumpkins.
  • Wrap large letters or numbers with twine
  • Wrap around napkins for rustic napkin rings
  • Use on your metal wire handles to make carrying easier on the hands.

I use twine in every room. I use mason jars in every room. So it makes sense to combine the two. Plus, finding where I left the ball or spool last wastes precious time. So I make these twine holders for every room in our home. 

They are so cute, I don’t mind leaving them out. Plus, it takes about 2 and one-half minutes to make one. 

Twine & mason jars are the ultimate farmhouse necessaries.

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