Basket organizing ideas

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Have you ever thought about using everyday items as home decor? Open shelves in the kitchen with stacks of plates. These basket organizing ideas are pretty too. Around our home craft supplies become home decor.

Secondhand stores have tons of basket, bowls, and candleholders. Grab some for this quick and easy tiered display. 

Look for a large and small basket or wood bowls to make the tires. Then look for a candleholder at the right height to hold the smaller top above the larger edge.

DIY tiered basket organizing ideas

  1. Clean the baskets. Clean the baskets in warm soapy water. Rinse and let dry outside. 
bottom of basket
  1. Using wood glue, place the candlestick in the center of the large basket. Make sure the candleholder doesn’t have felt on the bottom. Mine did so I used sandpaper to remove it.
  2. Use a book as a weight to balance on the candlestick. This gives a good seal for the glue to set up. My basket happened to have a wood bottom, so I added a screw from the base into the candleholder. 
candleholder with hammer
  • When the glue dries, I added more glue to the top of the candle holder and place the smaller basket on top. A few stones are enough weight to clamp everything together.

Note: I added a cork in the candleholder, tapping down to the surface of the candleholder top. 

basket tiers filled with craft supplies

Fill the baskets with balls of twine and yarn or whatever your supplies you use on your creative days.

yarn balls in basket

This looks great on the old pump organ we use in the entryway.

Thrift store wood bowls

There is a color that’s common in thrift and secondhand stores. I call it thrift store brown. There’s a simple way to create a modern farmhouse look to thrift store brown. It requires one thing, Sandpaper. While I’m not a fan of sanding, I’ve learned to let my mind relax while sanding. One thing I find myself thinking about is who made the item? Would they be excited that the discarded items they loving made it getting a makeover? Turning it into something new with a current style and purpose?

My larger wood bowl is a nut dish. The center has holes for the nut-cracking tools. I wondered who made it, where it was made and how it came to be in the thrift store. 

This passes the time away while sanding. 

stack of wood bowls with candleholder
  • Sand the bowls. Sand until you like the finish of the old wood.
  • Clean the bowls. Clean the bowl with soapy water and let dry. 
finished and organized with paint bottles
  • Assemble. The smaller bowl is one part of a divided tray. I didn’t find a candle holder to use as the centerpiece, so I used a piece of a spindle. This is assembled the same way as the baskets. Wood glue and weighted. 

The Elmer’s wood glue max dries fast and with firm adhesion.

Basket Decor Display Ideas

The larger basket is filled with yarn balls, twine, and smaller pieces of rope. The top holds thinner and smaller cords and yarns. 

Spray paint basket to match your room decor. I kept my basket rustic to go with our rustic farmhouse/cabin decor.

If your craft supplies aren’t pretty, look for tight woven baskets and baskets with lids.

Today these are in the craft studio, but tomorrow they may end up on the coffee table or in our dining room. 

So much better than a bowl of fruit, don’t you think. But a fresh pear sounds fantastic right now. 

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