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Do you have a large bathroom mirror?  It is clean right now?  If not, see how I use my favorite window cleaning tools and clean up puppy prints fast!

cleaning mirrors fast

Glass front doors and dogs don’t go together well.  Nose and pawprints appear daily on the glass.  If FedEx and the garbage truck appear on the same day…well let’s just say the bottom of the door looks frosted. :/

learn how to clean mirrors fast

On top of that, we have a large leaning mirror, I made, that grandkids love to dance and make funny faces or lick their fingers and write their name.  They start writing early!  

Bathroom mirror fast

Plus we have one of those huge bathroom mirrors that goes to the ceiling!  It’s always a mix of toothpaste on the bottom, and dust on the top.  

With my favorite window cleaning tools, all the above are cleaning in under 10 minutes.  

The solution I use is unusual too!

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Check out my video.

Notice my little helpers in the video.  As a result, of their help, I get to clean my mirrors often. 

Cleaning an extra large bathroom mirror and glass front door is easy and fast. I use this technique for all our mirrors and glass. And can clean all our windows inside and out in a few hours.

I bought my tools way before anyone dreamed of Amazon.  But if I needed to replace them, I would buy this washer and squeegee. 

Then I would buy this extension pole if I needed to replace mine.   Although, I would not lock the washer or squeegee to the pole.  


Now if I could only find a fast way to clean the workshop! 

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