Crate Side Table

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Crate-Side-Table-latch | Country Design Style |

Crate Side Table

I found this handmade box at a local antique shop.  Outta all the beautiful furniture pieces, lovely chippy shabby shelves, and stunning  ornament mirrors…I wanted this box.

It had a story.   Sitting there among the iron plant holders and rusty garden tools, it needed a new story.

So for $42 dollars and some scrap wood I giving it a new story.

Crate-Side-Table-box | Country Design Style |

The box is 16 inches wide, 16 inches tall and 13 1/2 inches deep.  It’s full of cubbies, has a quirky handle and when opened the whole front comes down.

Crate-Side-Table-initals | Country Design Style |

On the inside of the lid is an “S” with a heart.  The first story of this box is that an elderly man made this for his wife to keep her crafting supplies.  Possibly knitting or crochet.  He called his wife “sweetheart.”  The “S” with a heart.  That’s my made up story! <3


Crate-Side-Table-wood-cut | Country Design Style |

Now for the next story of the box.  It will still be used for crafting supplies but will be turned into a crate side table.  At 16 inches high, it’s too short for a side table.  So, I made a crate to lift and add storage.  Above is the wood cut to size.



Crate-Side-Table-wood-predrilled | Country Design Style |

Next, I predrilled the ends of the boards…

Crate-Side-Table-drill-electric | Country Design Style |

and halfway through the battery died.  While it recharged, I used the electric drill.  I’m glad I still have my old electric drill.

Making-Crate-Side-Table | Country Design Style |

After the crate was assembled, I checked to make sure things fit.  Perfect!

Crate-Side-Table-with-wheels | Country Design Style |

Then I made two drawers.  One is narrow and can be used as a surface to create small projects.  The bottom drawer will hold the current project supplies.

Filling the crate side table

Crate-Side-Table-open | Country Design Style |

Here the front with the lid open.  There are cubbies and an area perfect for twine!!  If you follow me, you know I use twine for everything!

Crate-Side-Table-inside | Country Design Style |

Here’s the inside of the box.  I’m starting to fill it with common crafting supplies.

Crate-Side-Table-bottom-crate | Country Design Style |

I did add wheels.  It will be easy to move to the kitchen counter or dining room table.

Crate-Side-Table-drawer-and-tray | Country Design Style |

The rustic drawers are simply boxes.  I lined the drawers with some pieces of drop cloth.

Crate-Side-Table-bottom-drawer | Country Design Style |

A vintage inspired pull was added to the larger drawer front.  I looked around for the perfect rustic color of paper for the label…and then I hit me!  Burlap!  I cut a small piece of “stiffened” burlap and wrote “current” with a marker.  Fun details.

Crate-Side-Table | Country Design Style |

My new old crate side table!

Crate-Side-Table-with-storage | Country Design Style |

Now, I wonder how long until it’s overfilled!!!!!

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  1. I was reading the story and looking at the etched heart and out loud said, “awe, how sweet is that”…and then I read on. You got me, Jeanette! Now this is a very clever idea for craft supplies. I NEED one of these!

  2. Wonderful Job!! Love what you did and if you are like me, it will take only a few minutes to fill it, lol. Have a great day!!

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