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Affordable-storage-solutions main | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comIf you’re afraid to answer the door because if could be the Hoarders’ TV show…this is for you.

A bunch of plastic bins does not make for an organized home for me. I need an organization that’s pretty. Even if the stuff is behind a closet door. Then I open the door and things look pretty, I tend to keep it pretty…and organized. If it’s a bunch of random plastic bins, I’ll end up tossing things in random bins.

That’s why I found my extra specialnooneinthehousecanuse scissors in the garage.

Let’s do pretty farmhouse organization.

My organizing disclosure: I was not the child that alphabetize my storybooks. Clothes that don’t fit I toss. But a broken drawer handle I hang on to for years. I’m a clutter hider.

Affordable Storage Solutions

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These little cabinets are small but might workhorses when it comes to organizing our stuff.

Storage Cabinets

Small Storage Solutions

Small storage solutions to my clutter are what we need most around here.  Cabinets and closets we have but organized cabinets and closets are a work in progress.  I am using labels on ALL my crates and bins!  Click my farmhouse style labels to download your set.

Footstools with storage

Are you a busy TV watcher?  I like to keep my hand’s busy while watching in the evenings.  A storage piece the fits in the living room is essential for me.  Here are additional storage footstools to check out.

Affordable-storage-solutions pn | Country Design Style |

Browse the storage ideas or clutter containers, and for solutions to keeping your scissors outta the garage…check out my sort cards.

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