5 Tips to Get More Done Every Day!


How many distractions do you have in a day?  Do you have awareness of time passing?  I have 5 tips to get more done every day.  And it’s actually starting to work for me!

Timer with to do list

Do you find yourself spending too much time and things that are not important?

All the sudden your head pops up…it’s dinnertime and you haven’t touched that “Number 1” task that needed to be done today!!

If you walk into a book store, browse then walk back out do you know how much time passed?

I could not.

I might guess anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes…and still, be wrong!

Since I’ve worked from home for 28 plus years you would think I would have figured it out!  Blogging actually has made it worse.  The computer can snarf up way too much time.

So, I picked 5 Tips to Get More Done Every Day

Want to join me?

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Number 1; Stretch and Hydrate.  

glass of water

Start off the day feeling Tony the tiger G~R~E~A~T!  Quick 2-minute stretch and filling a 64-ounce container of water for the day.  Getting down 2 cups right away helps.  I have to admit, drinking enough water is not a problem for me.  It does affect me on those days I don’t get enough. :/

Number 2; Have a Plan.  

notebook with the plan

I’m a list maker.  I’m learning to be a plan maker.  Instead of a ridiculous list with more than I could complete in a week without sleep, I plan.  Each morning, I decide what is the one task that would make life challenging if it didn’t get done.  It’s my frog for the day.  Then if I still have time, I plan the next task. The plan includes necessary supplies and the time to start {see below} with a block of additional time throughout the day or week as needed.

Number 3; Decide when to start.  

chalkboard with when?

This might be basic for some, but for me, this was a huge eye-opener.  If I planned to work on a proposal on Monday, I envisioned waking up and getting right to the project.  I’m a morning person.  Morning would come and I felt ready.  But, the dogs need walking, laundry needs started, the trash has to be hauled to the curb and the next thing I know I’m feeling deflated.  Now I assign a time to start the proposal, post, photos or DIY project.  Giving myself the time to get the necessary tasks done first and knowing the task doesn’t start until 9 lets me relax. 

Number 4; Use a Timer.  

I’m starting to use timers everywhere.  They’re great for daydreaming bloggers!  On that Monday morning at 10 am I can plan to work on my proposal for 45 minutes.  Then I’m on to the next project getting more done each day.  I catch myself working quicker and smoother as I watch my remaining time.  It did take a while to relax and work with time.  In the beginning, I would get nervous, make mistakes and more work for myself.

Number 5; Take planned breaks.  

coffee break

I’m learning to take a 5-minute break every 45 minutes.  Especially when working on complex tasks.  Walking away for a glass of water gives a new outlook to the task.


These simple 5 tips to get more done help immensely unless we’re traveling in the RV.  Then I fall apart.  Got any ideas to help me while traveling?

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I’m also a bullet journal user, you can learn more about the bullet journal here. 

Are you a list maker?

Feel free to share your tips and tricks below. It’s always nice to hear your ideas too!

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