Top 5 Organization Posts of 2017

Top 5 Organization posts of 2017 fp | Country Design Style |

It’s a new year!  Since it’s January 1st, I decided to look up my top organizing posts from last year.  The top post wasn’t a surprise…it’s been a hit around our house all year.

Organizing isn’t my natural skill.  I didn’t reorganize my childhood books alphabetically or by color.  I did use them to make “walls” for a dollhouse.  Now, I look for easy ways to organize, clean and store my DIY supplies.  Ideas that look good too.

The topic of each and every post for the month of January…organization!

Top 5 Organization Posts of 2017

Top 5 Organization posts of 2017 sq | Country Design Style |

The top post didn’t surprise me.  The collection of farmhouse style labels was fun to design.

Farmhouse Style Labels for pinning | Country Design Style |

You would find these labels all around our home from the workshop outback to the pantry.  You can read more and download your one set of Farmhouse labels here. 

This post shares how to print text of your labels.

DIY Craft Organizer pin 2 | Country Design Style |

Do you have trouble finding a way to organize small pieces of crafting supplies?  This creative idea keeps the small pieces visible and looks beautiful enough to display in the living room.  The DIY Craft Organizer uses a thrift store lampshade.

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY for pinning | Country Design Style |

The Farmhouse style spools will make another appearance in 2018 with an addition to the spools.  I’m designing a rack to hold 12 large wooden spools.  Again not only storage for ribbon and twine, but a rustic farmhouse display for any room.  Plus easy to make with basic woodworking skills.

Craft storage idea | Country Design Style |

An obsession with yogurt and the cute french glass pots created this Craft storage idea.

There was a time around our house where I wasn’t sure which came first.  The adorable little pots or my storage needs.

How to create a box to hide tech | Country Design Style |

Does it annoy you to have wires from phone and tablet strung across your end table?  I love DIY that solves a problem and looks great too.  This project is a perfect example.  A shabby box covered in scrapbook papers holds my kindle and hides the wire.  I need to make more “DIY Wire hider boxes!”

Top 5 Organization posts of 2017 pin | Country Design Style |

Putting things in alphabetical order isn’t my passion.  But I do try to solve problems that make a house run smoother and still look great.

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