DIY wire hider box to hide the ugly

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How to create a box to hide ugly stuff | Country Design Style |

Sometimes you just need to make a box.

I love basic woodworking. 

Boxes are great to hide the ugly.  Things like tech, light switches, or an outdoor water faucet in the wrong place.

DIY Wire Hider Box

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Sleep has been sporadic lately.  Some nights I sleep 7 hours and other nights I sleep 10 hours!  I can’t get enough done during the day with I sleep 10 hours.  Seven hours and I’m sleeping in the sawdust pile. 

When we head to bed at 7:30 planning to watch a movie…I’m asleep by 7:33!  TV doesn’t keep me awake.  But reading keeps my eyes moving and awake.  The Kindle is perfect for reading before bed.

But it’s ugly.  Even in the case.  So it needs a “wire hider box” or “hide the ugly.”

The Plans

How to create a box wood | Country Design Style |

Digging in the wood scrap pile I found a cedar fence board painted on one side.  I had dry brushed a light gray paint on two boards to place down the center of our dining room table.  Then realized I like the look of one board instead of two.  So, the other board was cut up.

How to create a wire hiding box pieces | Country Design Style |

Since this box will stand on end with the “bottom” of the box showing, I made the bottom “smooth.” 

First cut 2 pieces of wood 9 inches long.  These are the long sides.

Then cut 5 pieces 6 inches long.  Three of these pieces make the bottom and 2 make the short sides.  

Gluing Scrapbook Paper

How to create a box covering both sides | Country Design Style |

Then I smeared craft glue on one side of a board and added a piece of torn scrapbook paper into the glue.  I did this on all boards.  

How to create a box tore paper on wood | Country Design Style |

Then glued more torn scrapbook paper on the other side.

How to create a box paper covered wood | Country Design Style |

When the glue dried, I used a palm sander to soften the wood and paper.  Actually, I sanded the paper to distressed or destruction!

How to create a box | Country Design Style |

Wood glue holds the box together.  

Dry brushing

How to create a box glued | Country Design Style |

I didn’t like the raw wood edges, so…

How to create a box dry brushed | Country Design Style |

I grabbed the gray paint and dry brushed the edges.  And in places over the paper. 

Wire Hider Box

How to create a box top or side | Country Design Style |

The inside of the box is just as shabby. 🙂

How to create a box to hide tech | Country Design Style |

This box is perfect to hide my kindle.

How to create a box to hide stuff | Country Design Style |

Notice the wire hider box is a perfect place to charge the Kindle.

What great books have you read lately?  Let me know in comments, I need to add to my library.

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    What a terrific finish for wood! I wish I had room for a box like that on my tiny nightstand for my iPad mini. You come up with the best ideas!
    I read in bed too – all night sometimes and sleep until noon! I just finished Amy Tan’s novel, Saving Fish from Drowning. David Balbacci’s, Wish You Well, Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller. I also enjoyed Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. I love Vincent DeMille’s and Michael Conelly’s books. My son downloaded all of the Longmire series books by Craig Johnson, onto my phone in the Marvin app. I mostly read books on the library app, Overdrive. It’s free and so convenient to read right on my phone – no lights on in my room and no heavy book!

    1. Andi, thank you for the reading suggestions. I’m reading on my very old kindle. It was left in a drawer for several years. Then one day I opened it and it came on! So surprised! It’s only used for reading books. Lately, my books are business related. I belong to a business FB group and we did a book club last month. Very fun way to get through business subjects. Might be an idea for our Design Workshop group. Hum!!

  2. Great Idea!! I just Love how you did the Box. It’s so distressed and snappy with the paper. Look awesome! Thx for the idea.

  3. Annemarie says:

    Read the I heart series by Lindsey kelk amazing reads. Love your box idea too xx

    1. Annemarie, thank you! I saw the I heart series and will download a few. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. I read some great books by Rebecca De Marino called The Southold Chronicles (I know they are available on the Kindle) They were especially interesting to me since they are historical romances based on truth/fiction mix and my 10th great grandfather, Reverend John Youngs is featured as well! I discovered that through our mutual families from that era, we are distantly related. How fun is that!

    1. Thank you for the book recommendation, Debbie! I’m interested in period romances and how cool that your great, great, great {10 times} grandfather is in the book! I’ll download it this evening. Jeanette

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