How to declutter and quickly sort your stuff

How to declutter when you don’t know where to start.  Are you disorganized?  Got clutter?  So do I!  The declutter cards help me.

How to declutter using declutter cards to help sort your clutter.

I’m not a naturally organized person.  I didn’t grow up keeping my books in the bookcase alphabetized.  Have you tried getting organizing help from someone who did keep their books alphabetized as a child?

They have a passion for order.  I don’t.  If you don’t either but are tired of too much clutter, I may have something to help.  It helps me cut the clutter and at least find things.

How to Declutter using the declutter cards

The short list of things to toss.

I’m giving you a list of things of three things to get rid of. Only you can decide what you wish to keep or toss.

  • Do toss anything expired.
  • Do toss trash.
  • I do like the idea of tossing or donating things you wouldn’t buy today.

How to declutter in action.

Schedule your declutter tasks.

I’m also not going to give you a declutter schedule. Pick the time in your day or week that is the most open for you.
Your mornings are hectic. But late afternoons you watch TV…declutter in the late afternoons.
I suggest, blocking out times in your calendar for decluttering. But one rule always applies, if you think it will take an hour double it because it will take two! That goes for DIY projects as well!!

How to declutter using cards

How to Declutter using the cards

Above I’m using the cards to declutter my craft room.  If you craft, you know how much clutter there is in a craft room.  And if you craft with the broken pieces as I do, it’s hard to tell what’s junk and what’s not! :/

I’ve blocked out time in my calendar to the clutter the room.  Then double the time.  It took about 16 hours to empty the room of everything but the furniture.  I use the decluttering cards too quickly sort and remove things from the room.  Small things I placed in bins.  Larger items I placed on beach towels.

In the craft room, I used my own unique decluttering cards for the next level of sorting.  Things like markers, pens and paint brushes.

Overwhelmed?  Where to start.

Start decluttering in a small area. Pick a small area so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Don’t start decluttering in in your guest room that has a path to the bed and closet because of too much clutter. You’ll become overwhelmed and stop. Or if you do manage to get through it you’re too tired to continue. Plus if it’s a back room you never enter you’re not inspired daily to continue.


Also, make sure the small area causes you stress on a daily basis. Seeing a small area clutter-free daily will inspire you to continue decluttering.

Next, pick another small area that torments you daily. Continue expanding your the torment levels and size of the area.

Button for declutter cards

Sense of Calm

At some point in the decluttering process, you will start feeling a sense of calm. It’s a feeling I notice when we spend time in our RV. It’s a place that’s not cluttered has everything we need and I know where things are.

How to declutter using declutter cards to help sort your clutter.

Follow the tips on the back of each declutter card for more how to declutter tips.

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The declutter cards will not alphabetize books. 🙁

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