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Do you like to peek at she shed interiors that you can cozy up in? Well, this isn’t one for cozy.

iphone in wood holder

It’s a she shed for creative farmhouse style fun and a little sawdust.

Good design and planning of this she shed workshop paid off. Other than a few tweaks the design remains the same.

Below I’m sharing my best way to organize workshops, craft rooms, and working she sheds. I have four main categories; tools, supplies, project pieces, and popular hand tools. 

She shed interiors

she shed interiors of the workshop

The interior area of the she shed workshop. The little faux fireplace is a newly finished project. More on that soon.

exterior of she shed

We bought the shed in 2006 and this is the closest I can find online today.

Tool storage

The tool cabinet still only hold tools and their accessories. Paint the cabinet is on my to do list. I may add trim detail to the doors. That way sawdust can collect on the trim. Hum! Maybe I’ll just repaint. The router bits are next to the router. Jigsaw blades are next to the jigsaws. 

Tools in cabinet in she shed interiors for woodworking

Larger tools like the planer, drill press and table sander are on a shelf on the small worktable. 

Rarely used tools are in the tool box. It’s on wheels and slides out when needed.

Supply storage

mason jars on shelves

Supples to make projects are the screws, nails, hooks, trims, hinges, etc. Mason jars hold small items, long trims and spindles are stored between 2 by 4 studs. I create a lot of projects using small wood scraps. I store them in a divided wood crate. 

At times the supplies and projects pieces are mixed together. 

Project pieces

Project pieces are the thrift store finds, and wood bought for projects. And those awesome metal brackets I bought on Amazon! I store these in the metal cabinet. Plus in a cabinet in the garage! The she shed interior is only 6 by 8!

This rolling cart still holds sheets of wood and longer boards. 

Popular tools

Hand tools in crate

The caddie I use in the she shed workshop is my toy box.

I recently shared it again on a live Facebook post. 

Additional tips

paintbrushes hanging

I added the head to an old rake to hang paintbrushes for drying. Did you know after washing a paintbrush you should hang it to dry? It helps water to drip out of the brush. If too much water stays in the brush, it can break down the bristles. Then you find bristles in your paint job. Ugh. 

You can see the collection of live videos with one on the she shed workshop on the bees and bows craft videos

Large work tables in small space

In the 6 by 8 she shed workshop, I have two large worktables. One is 4 feet 10 inches long by 2 feet 6 inches wide. The other is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. How did I do that???

The larger table rolls over the smaller table.

Smart right.

Thank you for peeking into my workshop. If you would like to peek at the beginning design, I created an 8 part series. Click here to start the series.

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