Household Tips Series 4

Dishwasher additive on top of dishwasher soap #householdtipsHousehold tips series 4 is here and you know what that means??

It’s Friday!!!

Now usually I “work” all days.  So why would I care if it’s Friday???

First, because I hopefully am helping you with some of my household tips, but also…

do I dare say it!!!!

I’m playing golf!

Yep, me!  Totally uncoordinated, never athletic and the only thing I’ve ever swung was a hammer!

I sure if I used a hammer on that little dimpled ball, I would do better.  But I’m laughing, developing my own hammer swing, and getting some exercise.

Now back to household tips. I first shared my collection of household tips on Country Design Style’s Facebook page.  That’s why there are Day on the photos.  I did 30 Days worth of tips.  Now I’m sharing five here each Friday.  Check out the tips in series 3 here.

Above, my tips it to “put it in the way!”  I’ve been doing this for years with my purse.  If you’re forgetful like me you’ll understand this one.  If I had something to take with me in the morning I would put it on top of my purse.  Not next to it or under it, but right in the way on top.  Usually, I didn’t forget it.  Now I keep the dishwasher additive on top of the dishwasher soap.  Our dishwasher works better with it.  If I need to do something on the computer I put my note on top of the laptop.

hamburger meat shaped in bags https://countrydesignstyle.comOkay the next three pictures are not pretty!  In fact, their gross!  But great tips!  I place hamburger in a large food freezer bag.  Press out the air and seal.  Then using my hands like I’m going to do karate I divide up the meat into different sizes.  I usually do a package of 4 and a package of 9 smaller amounts.  There’s only Mike and I.

Chicken cut into usable sizes https://countrydesignstyle.comThis is about the same as above only with chicken breasts.  I cut up boneless skinless chicken into the sizes I usually use and then freeze it.  I like to cut the breasts in half lengthwise for thinner pieces.

bacon grease in foil envelop https://countrydesignstyle.comI make an pizza box shape with foil when cooking bacon.  This is easy to pour the bacon grease into and let cool until you can toss it into the trash.

Side note:  If you have a very large German Shepherd that can reach the counter top and you’re going into town.  Make sure the foil is moved back or you toss it before you leave, or you will return to a greasy headed German Shepherd!

open mail at trash https://countrydesignstyle.comThis tip is really basic but it took me years to learn it.  Open your mail at the trash can and shredder.

So, if you’re reading this on a Friday afternoon, I heading out to play…golf!

Where’s my hammer!

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