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Do you ever feel like you need to squeeze your crafts between the toaster and the dining room wall? Me too, I’m squeezing my whole craft room in a tiny coat closet.

Black rolling cart

I have a big announcement.

We sold our awesome mountain home on a whim. At least, that’s the way it’s feeling currently. I’m sure we’ll adjust as soon as we figure out where in the world we want to live next!
We’re renting a one-bedroom apartment to use as a home base for six months until we decide. We plan on traveling in the motorhome to find an area we love.

So, I’m squeezing my craft room into a closet. On craft days, I’ll pull out the pieces and set up a craft room in the corner.

A breakdown of a small craft room

Small craft area

Since we’re moving again within six months, I need something that breaks down and can fit in our car on motorhome if needed. The packers did enough packing our home and moving everything into storage.

Side story
If you’ve followed me for more than 3 seconds, you know I’m obsessed with spindles. Before the move, I “declutter” the workshop and donated or tossed boxes of broken spindles leaving the “good ones.” Mike wandered outside while one of the movers was packing my “good” spindles. He was wrapping spindles in packing paper before them putting inboxes.

Black cart with laptop, tablet, phone and office supplies

So, my breakdown craft room is carts on wheels. This cart is my “craft desk.” I found this one at Ikea, but this rolling cart on Amazon is similar and less expensive!

stainless steel cart

This rolling cart holds my Chalk Couture supplies. Again, I bought it at Ikea then found this stainless steel cart on Amazon.

Large rolling cart with drawers

In contrast, this cart holds all my craft supplies. Plus, I learned my lesson, and bought the tons of storage cart on Amazon.

I organize supplies by needs. Anything sticky, like tapes and glues, go in one drawer. Ribbons, twine, and cording go in another. Cutting tools go in a larger bin, along with materials, like drop cloth and burlap. Small wood pieces go in another. Paper and card stock go together.

rolling carts and table

I needed a sturdy craft table that could hold a machine and work as a place to create overhead time-lapse videos of DIY projects. Amazon had the perfect table.
This table quick to set up and fold back into the closet and works for Christmas dinner!

It takes 3 to 5 minutes to set up and breakdown my craft room.

3 pocket wall organizer

These common thrift store find pocket organizers are perfect to organize small pieces of ephemera like postage stamps. I found postage stamps from the 19th century!

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  1. I am a fan of anything on casters!! Those carts are perfect for craft storage. My current craft room has many purposes – most of my things are on caster too! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Pinned!

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