The Ultimate Guide to Yard Sale Tips

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Yard sale tips that make it worth dragging your stuff out to the middle of your front yard.

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Having attended and held many yard sales I’m sharing my yard sale tips list of what I’ve learned.  I held yard sales and made into the thousands {in one day} and some that were NOT worth my time.

Below is my digital Yard Sale Tips ebook. I filled it with ideas for yard sales that work to help get the most out of your yard sale.

Yard Sale Tips Printable Ebook

I’ve read enough, I just popped over for the ebook!

I’m also sharing a few of the best tips in this post. So, you might want to keep reading along.

Yard Sale Tips

How to declutter using declutter cards to help sort your clutter.


The most time-consuming task is decluttering & gathering your stuff to sell 

Going through your stuff in the old shed and deciding to part with your favorite jeans is hard.

So to help, I’ve included the Declutter Cards in the yard sale ebook.

I sell the Declutter Cards separately but included them in the Ebook since they go hand in hand. I also included a couple of pages of printable labels. Print as many as you need.

My most helpful tip for decluttering is the “?” card. It helps manage your time and opens your mind to a different perspective.

It’s also faster to have a primary cleaner and rags on hand while decluttering to clean items you plan to sell. Then put it in a box. It’s the, touch it once idea.

collect of yard sale finds

Yard Sale Party

Hosting a yard sale is like hosting a party.

You must plan, organize, and decorate for a successful yard sale.

Yard sale banner of flags

Yep, decorate!

At a yard sale, there are no drivebys with streamers, balloons, or colorful table covers.

Did you know there’s a straightforward tip that increases the perceived value of an item at a yard sale?

Straightforward – Do not place items on the ground except furniture.

Theme your Yard Sale

From 99 cents to a tag sale. Theme your yard sale like you would theme a party. Are you selling a collection? Do you have way too many shoes? Are you getting rid of craft supplies…wait, call me!

When you pick a theme, make your yard sale directions signs relate or add humor. Here are a few ideas.

  • We Decluttered! Hoarders welcome!
  • Classy crap – Turn here!
  • Our junk could be your junk in your trunk!
  • It’s a yard sale or a really inexpensive store?
  • His and hers -Tools & Crafts

Strange things that sell at yard sales

  • Socks – Yes, used socks!
  • Makeup – Even opened and used! 😲
  • Bathroom supplies – Everything from cotton balls to lotions and soaps
  • Used Nail polish – Make some of your money back from those wrong color polishes.
  • Samples – From eyeglass cleaners to beauty items
  • Unfinished craft projects – You never finished painting that end table or embroidering those jeans, time to sell them!

The one thing I did at my yard sale that I suggest you NOT do!

I made the most at a yard sale when we lived in California. There were several items I had made or painted. Plus, we were getting ready to move back to Arizona, and I had several household items I didn’t want to move. After 4 hours, I had made $2,300. Everything was great, except I hosted the yard sale all by myself!

While we knew all our neighbors and lived in a small community, having a yard sale without the safety in numbers isn’t smart. I was lucky that time. But since I’ve always had a helper or two.

Chair in yard with home decor on seat

My BIGGEST tip for yard sales to make big money

Many things I sold at yard sales, I bought at yard sales.

I also gather things on trash days, at flea markets, and at thrift stores. After a little cleaning, paint, and small fixes, I would sell them at my yard sale.

I also sold yard sale finds at local shops and in antique malls. I worked on projects Monday through Thursday. Then loaded my pickup on Friday to sell wholesale to my favorite vintage shops. If I still had items after my last stop, I dropped them off at the antique mall. Everything would sell eventually, even this lighthouse!

Yard sale table that I kept

Here’s a list of a few items I resold.

1. A buffet with doors that someone removed. I bought it for $1. After reattaching the doors, I spray-painted everything white. Added a little shabby chic style distressing and sold it for $200.

2. Shutters for 50 cents each. I bought 4. Then added hinges and sold the “room divider” for $50.

3. Many wood bed headboards and footboards became benches.

4. End table tops became large hanging chalkboards.

5. Wine glasses became lamps.

More tips for updating finds to resale

A little paint refreshes tired old items. I always painted things in shades of white or black. The colors fit in with most decors.

candle in wine glass with shade

Let me know how your yard sale turns out and which theme you used comments below.

Keep it simple. Avoid adding extra details like florals, or elaborate knobs and hardware.

yard sale tag on ebook cover

Check out the Yard Sale Ebook

Start planning your successful yard sale now

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