The Ultimate Guide to Yard Sale Tips

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Are you planning a yard sale?  Here are yard sale tips to make it successful and worth dragging your stuff out in the middle of your front yard.

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Having attended and held many yard sales I’m sharing my yard sale tips list of what I’ve learned.  I held yard sales and made into the thousands {in one day} and some that were barely worth my time.

Included is a free digital book to download filled with more creative ideas for yard sales.

Yard Sale Tips

Yard Sale Tips

At least one week before 

  • Advertise your yard sale in the local paper.
  • Start saving grocery store bags and boxes to package sales.
  • Call for a donation truck to arrive at the end of your yard sale.
  • Find someone to help, a spouse, relative, or friend.
  • Let neighbors know you are having a yard sale and there will be additional traffic in the neighborhood.  Ask if they would be interested in a neighborhood yard sale.
  • Invite people to your yard sale.
  • Make signs leading the way to your yard sale noting the start and end times.  This is important: make sure the signs can be read from a car in the street.
  • Start collecting and preparing items for sale.  Download the Printable Country Design Style’s Sort Cards Printable Country Design Style’s Sort Cards to help in sorting and organizing areas of your home.
  • Organize your yard sale items by groups just as they would be in a department store.
  • Make sure all your items for sale are clean and in working order.
  • Make sure clothes are clean and the size is marked.
  • Think about painting furniture items.  For example, an old dated wooden coffee table might sell for $3, put refreshed with a coat of paint it could sell for $25.
  • Price all your items, be fair but remember people may ask for your lowest price.
  • Think about pricing like items in multiples.  For example, 3 teddy bears for $10.
  • If you have items you think may be of value, check the internet for appraisals.

 To add farmhouse style to your yard sale, download these free farmhouse labels.

Make organizing easier and stylish!

The day before 

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Use tables covered in white sheets to display items.
  • Set up as much as you can the day before.
  • Have an extension cord, extra batteries and tape measure available for buyers to use.
  • Bake if you plan on adding a bake sale to your yard sale.
  • Plan on soft music!
  • Think about your favorite retail store and copy it in your front yard!
  • Get plenty of change, more than you think you will need.
  • Most importantly, get to bed early!

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  • Start setting up at least one hour before start time.
  • Pull out your display tables and large items.
  • Place those easy to read signs you made.
  • Have food and drink available for yourself and helpers but do not eat in front of buyers.
  • Usually, most sales happen within the first two hours.
  • Keep your home locked during the sale.
  • Smile!



  • Box unsold items for the donation truck.
  • Take down all yard sale signs as a courtesy to everyone.
  • Count your money!



Grab more yard sale tips and creative themes for your next successful yard sale.  And you don’t have to give your email!  Yep, no sign up necessary, Click above and the download starts.

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Let me know how your yard sale turns out and which theme you used comments below.

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