Broken clock repurposed into a picture frame

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Broken clock fp 2 | Country Design Style |

What would you do if your feather duster tangled with your favorite clock…and the clock lost?

Toss it?? Or repurpose it??

I’m sure you can guess what I did.  But I’m using it for storage too!

Broken Clock Repurposed Picture Frame

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While using my feather duster and listening to 50’s music and yes possibly dancing alone the mantel…the duster tangled around the clock and sent it across the room.

Broken clock pin | Country Design Style |

Pieces went everywhere!  I scrambled to the floor to collect the pieces…

Emily | Country Design Style |

because of this little girl Emily, tries to grab everything that hits the floor.  So far, I’m faster!

Broken clock | Country Design Style |

After gathering up the pieces and trying to stuff them back in…the clock still didn’t work.  I loved this clock.  It’s sorta farmhouse with industrial tossed in.  Although it could be a bit larger.  My eyes have trouble seeing the time.

So it’s time for a broken clock repurpose!

Broken clock guts inside | Country Design Style |

Notice the tabs inside?  If I bent them up I can remove all the guts of the clock.

Broken clock industrial style | Country Design Style |

The clock reminds me of a vintage tin.  I have an idea!!!  I could fill it with paper clips, little sticky notes, and magnets.  These I use often at my blogging desk.  No more scrounging around the desk drawer.

One problem…

Broken clock messy | Country Design Style |

It looks ugly!

Another idea is forming…

Broken clock repurposed sq | Country Design Style |

Add a photo and turn it into a frame.  My favorite little girl, plus

Broken clock repurposed | Country Design Style |

there’s still room in the back to store a few office supplies.

We are on the search for a new clock.  Let me know which one you like the best.

Now to untangle some paper clips. :/

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  1. I like the Nikky Home clock best of these four. I’m like you with reading the numbers!! I can see these best!

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