25 DIY Labels to help Organize the Holidays

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If I could I would love to help you organize the holidays in person!

Shhh, can you hear Santa shaking in his boots?

Santa knows me helping in person would not be a help to you.

I see a sparkly ornament and you’ve lost me.

So the best way for me to help you organize the holidays is with a sleigh full of labels!


Organize the Holidays




I try to give more than expected. 🙂

The sleigh is full of more than 25 labels!  There’s a gift list, party planner, a calendar for December’s events, address labels, plus over 25 labels.


If you’re wondering should we be organizing the decor after Christmas?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried that for years and failed every time. This year I’m going to organize as I pull my Decor out.

As you can see below it’s stacked & looks semi-organized.  Trust me, I have no idea what’s in those boxes.

This year I’m going to use my sort cards and box labels and finally organize Christmas.


This is where I store our holiday decor. It’s one side of the guest room closet. What’s scary, is the right side looks worse. Plus, our Christmas tree stuff into the closet any other guest room.

It’s the shiny object syndrome. I get more into decorating than organizing. But not this year!

Santa will be proud of us all!!

If you’re wondering how I make my downloads and printables, click creative market.  This is the website that I get many graphics and fonts.

Do you have the shiny object syndrome?  Let me know in the comments below. :Dchristmas-organization-labels-country-design-style-countrydesignstyle-com

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  1. I wish you good luck on that endeavor, lol! I just downloaded your sort cards and am hoping it works for me. I keep tons of things and am hoping to get things under control by Christmas, I will let you know how that goes, lol.

  2. Cynthia Gorman says:

    Link to download is not working. Please advise. Thank you.

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