This is why clutter can overwhelm and how to conquer it

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You’ve sorted through your clutter.  You have piles of similar items. A pile of ribbon unraveling from their cardboard spool.  That old torn shoe box of craft supplies.  A toppling stack of paperbacks you plan to read this summer.  How do you organize your stuff in a pretty way?

I found help at Bits of Vintage.

Organized Clutter

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Why clutter can overwhelm

Psychology today shares a list of why clutter overwhelms us and remedies to solve clutter.  Today I want to think about ideas for the clutter we keep.

I know my world would be boring to me if I didn’t have junk to create home decor.  For me, I would rather donate a perfectly good frame and keep a broken frame that has cool details.  If that broken frame was stuffed in a box and stashed away in the garage it wouldn’t inspire me.  Whereas if I display the broken frame on a bookcase or sticking out of a floral arrangement it will inspire a DIY project.

So today, we’re not getting rid of clutter but we’re going to conquer it…beautifully! 🙂

TableTop Items

Distressed Metal Tray with Dividers – $25.00

In my opinion, this revolving tray would look just as astounding with bits of craft supplies as having it filled with potted flowering plants.

Vintage Letter Organizer – $15.00

We tend to deal with mail as soon as we return from the mailbox.  But having a charming place to hold cards, letters, and notes is handy.

Wooden Planter Boxes -Set of 3 – $25.00

Wooden crates are ideal for clutter that’s not pretty.  Fill these with clutter then top with faux greenery and add to the top of kitchen cabinets.

I admit I would make crates instead of buying them, but if woodworking isn’t your thing these are great.  Of course, the wood would be more than $25.00!!!  

Plus my time. Okay just deliver them to me. 

Wall Hanging Organized Clutter

Wall Mounted Ribbon Rack – $30.00

This turns clutter into art.

Metal Clock Cabinet with Drawer – $28.00

Organized and on time.  Sharing this just because I like it.  Great place to store extra keys.

Wall Hanging Letter Organizer | Vintage Post Office – $22.00

I would prop my broken frame in this vintage letter organizer right along with home magazines.

Kitchen items

Wall Mounted Cup Holder – $33.00

Perfect for glassware, but I would display my spools of twine.  That broken frame could hang from one of these hooks.

Hoosier Glass Kitchen Jars – $17.00

I bought two of these jars at a local antique store for $34.  Granted I suppose they were original but I like the price of these more.

Fresh Roast Coffee K-cup Caddy – $26.00

We stopped using our k-cup coffee maker, but the caddy would be fun for small craft supplies.

How to conquer clutter quickly | Country Design Style |


Today's Story...

If you still need ideas, click Bits of Vintage and browse.  Sorta reminds me of rummaging through grandma’s old outbuilding. You never know what treasure you’ll find hanging inside…or with the next scroll of the mouse.

Take a moment and watch the slide above for the Round Metal Chandelier with Crystals…I adore it!

The biggest help I can give you is the without coming to your house and help is decluttering cards, they are a huge help.

Did you know a lampshade can help organize too?

Also, take a moment and check out our new Home Organized Workbook.  Our whole home is getting organized quickly.

Let me know in comments below your favorite idea for organizing.  I’m kicking off my shoes and shopping. 😀

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