An orange car in the silverware drawer


Sewing storage box with mementos | Country Design Style |

When organizing I like to keep the small things that bring a smile.  Things like pattern pieces, blue guns, and a bloody plastic razor blade.  Then you visit don’t be surprised by an orange car in the silverware drawer.

Sewing Storage

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Orange car in the silverware drawer 2 | Country Design Style |

Or an orange car in the silverware drawer.  Think about how many times you open the silverware drawer.  One hundred times or more a week?  It can be a couple of months opening and closing the drawer not thinking about anything except, “I hope dinner doesn’t burn!”  I think that often.  But then there’s that time I open the drawer and smile.  I remember car covered in dust as my son’s hands move it through the dirt.

By the way, my son is now 42 years old!

I have moved more times than I want to admit, but the orange car remains in the silverware drawer.

Sewing storage box open | Country Design Style |

So as I fill my sewing storage box it too holds small mementos.  And look at all the compartments for mementos and sewing supplies.  I found this box at the thrift store in Carbondale, CO during our road trip.  It was a whopping $10!

Sewing storage box mess | Country Design Style |

This is my sewing stuff.  While organizing my craft room I dumped sewing into two 12 by 8-inch bins.

Sewing storage box with mementos stored | Country Design Style |

Now that I found a cool sewing storage box, I’m filling it with sewing supplies AND mementos.  Like the plastic “blood” covered razor blade.  Part of a Halloween costume.  A blue plastic army man gun.  A “handmade for my special little boy” tag that was removed from a shirt when he was 4.  It itched.  There even a memento of my past, a Barbie doll pattern for a dress.

Sewing storage box with moms pin cushion | Country Design Style |

My mom’s handmade pincushion made when she was in school will now stay in the sewing box…instead of stored in a cardboard box rarely seen.

Sewing storage box with mementos keeping the things that make you smile | Country Design Style |

Ideas for sewing storage boxes from Amazon.

Now to figure out what drawer to keep a 6-foot crocheted clown.

How do you store your mementos?  What type of storage boxes do you use?


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