Road trip adventure through a dirty windshield

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You will not see this road trip list on Buzz Feed | Country Design Style |

Have you ever played the 5-second rule?  I know we’ve all played the one where it’s okay to eat that pumpkin muffin that hit the floor if you grab it up in 5-seconds.  This one is 5 second to list 3 things.  Pure easy fun!  We played in during part of our road trip.  Today I’m sharing our road trip adventure through a dirty windshield.

Here’s our trip by the numbers.

7 states
2 pioneer women
3 long lines
3300 miles
1 dog
2 drivers
1 snow day
5 rivers
4 hotel rooms
1 dizzy experience
5 seconds of pure laughter
398274 calories
1 DIY project

Road trip adventure through a dirty windshield

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The road trip adventure started in Arizona on I-40.  Through New Mexico and Texas, we didn’t take a picture.  Not so much due to the scenery, I was on a mission.  To get to Ponca City, Oklahoma, my hometown.

Ponca City

Road trip through a dirty windshield | Country Design Style |

It’s the home of the first Pioneer Woman.  Emily and I had windy fun running around the park.  Although we didn’t go into the museum, I always remember the saying, “I see no boundaries.”

Road trip through a dirty windshield Pioneer woman | Country Design Style |

This was the second Pioneer Woman we visited.  Ree’s Merc store in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is 30 minutes from my mom’s home.  We visited on a Saturday and the lines were long!  Three different lines!  There was a line for the restaurant, one in the store to pay for treasures, and one huge line to meet Ree and have her sign her latest cookbook.  The employees did a remarkable job getting people through the lines and making sure everyone was happy.  I recommend going and spending the day.

Road trip through a dirty windshield downtown | Country Design Style |

This is downtown Ponca City.  Not the bustling downtown I remember in my younger days, but other than Ree’s Merc it’s busier than Pawhuska.

Someone should clean that windshield!

Road trip through a dirty windshield Pecan trees | Country Design Style |

We drove through Kansas heading to Colorado.  If you’ve ever driven through Kansas you will understand why I’m sharing a picture of a pecan tree in my mom’s yard.  Kansas is flat.


Road trip through a dirty windshield working | Country Design Style |

One of the 4 hotel rooms when Emily and I did a bit of work.

Road Trip M at the pioneer woman dizzy| Country Design Style |

My daughter-in-law and I had a dizzy experience just watching my son and grandson play a virtual reality game.  The 5-second rule game we played later that evening is more my speed.

Road trip through a dirty windshield food | Country Design Style |

We also did a ton of eating.  398274 calories worth!  Above I’m eating basically a pumpkin pop tart.  It was an everything pumpkin trip for me.

Road trip through a dirty windshield tunnel | Country Design Style |

We found a snow day driving through Eisenhower tunnel.


Road trip through a dirty windshield M at the river| Country Design Style |

One of 5 rivers we visited on the trip.  The crystal river in Carbondale to get our feet wet.

Road Trip M at the pioneer woman DIY| Country Design Style |

What is a trip without a DIY project?  I build a removable jumping platform in a tree for our grandson.  It works…he can jump!  What a sweet helper.

Road Trip M at the pioneer woman M working | Country Design Style |

We had the grand opportunity to stay in the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in…ever!  Emily loved The Little Nell.

Road trip through a dirty windshield cool chair | Country Design Style |

Emily and I walked past this exquisite furniture store in Colorado each morning.  I love this chair!  It would go great with my thrift store ottoman don’t you think?

Driving home

Road trip through a dirty windshield utah | Country Design Style |

Looking for more calories in Utah.

Road trip through a dirty windshield with M | Country Design Style |

Our 1 dog enjoyed the road trip but was thrilled to get home.

In 5 seconds list 3 favorite DIY tools in comments below.

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  1. Sander, jigsaw, mitresaw. There are my three 🙂 It looks like a grand trip, Jeanette! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Bandsaw, sanders, drills!
    What a great trip! Glad you clarified that the calories were consumed and not burned!!
    I think that chair is awesome too, but a different awesome than your shaggy ottoman which is the awesomest of all the furniture you’ve diy’ed!

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