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You’ve seen the cutest idea on Pinterest about hanging a crate to organize your home office. You have the perfect crate and grab your drill to hang it over your desk. But you can’t find the right bit. Argh! After looking high and low for the next 2 hours you find it in the kitchen junk drawer! Now you’re too tired to hang the crate!

If this happens to you way too often then try these ideas for tool box organization.

Tool box organization

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First, make sure you have the toolbox that fits your needs. My dad gave me a perfect chippy paint red toolbox years ago. I love it and it holds a bunch of tools. But after filling it up…

I can’t lift it.

Toolbox organization | Country Design Style |

So I use it to hold decorative things like fresh flowers and bought this toolbox with wheels.

I love it. It’s easy to wheel around. It holds all the basic tools I need and many in plain sight. Things being in plain sight is a thing for me. If I don’t see it, I forget it.

Plus, it fits in one of the basement bins in the RV. I can do DIY projects on the road! I have a piece of plywood that sits on top of the toolbox to make a mobile workstation too!

Tips I use to keep my toolbox organized

I reorganize it every January. It takes a year for me to mess up a toolbox.

One wire cutter is all you need for basic projects. Give away, donate, or keep extras in your workshop. Same with other tools.

I would love to take my large miter saw on the road. Since that’s not possible due to weight and space in the RV I found a tool that can do miters in a pinch. This hand-held saw is the awesome sauce in saws.  So, find tools that cover several needs. Dremel tools are in this category too.

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Have you seen those board with marker outlines of the tools? You can do this using the rubber shelf liners too. Find the perfect spot for your hammer and draw a “dead body outline.”  Plus, using white liners helps find things that would otherwise be in the black hole of a tool box.

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Label tools to quickly see the type of tool.  A line for the regular screwdriver and + for phillips.

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Use dollar store food containers to hold extension cords and tools with cords. This keeps cords from getting tangled.

Gather the types of tools you use. I do woodworking and home decor crafts. If I didn’t pottery and knitting my tools would be different.

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Grab your instant copy of my tools list.

Tool box organization with printable | Country Design Style |

What’s in your toolbox?

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With all this organizing, I’m tired!

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Jeanette, once again you have figured out the hard stuff! I have had one of those “rolling boxes” since they first appeared in Home Depot a few years ago. I used it to haul my mural painting supplies from job to job! Drop cloth, big paint cans, tape, and rollers in the bottom and paints, brushes, pencils and rulers up top. Not doing murals or stage props anymore so it’s been sitting in my storage unit taking up space. What a great idea to use smaller handheld tools for road trips! I’ve been dragging canvas shopping bags with my tools to help install curtain rods, build shelves, etc., for my family I left behind when I moved away to be a full time nanny granny. Thank you for simplifying my life! Now if you could just show me a way to get an RV for free 😉

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