Organizing Help Books and Ideas that Work for Me

Do you have a stack of organizing help books collecting dust? Me too! I have one book that helped me. It not only helped organize, but it also helped me reach goals.

organizing help books

I’m sharing the one I love and those that I didn’t like so much.

The book that helped and still helps me today.

The one I love is Finish by Jon Acuff.

I like it because of the simple ideas. It reminded me of the idea…if this then that. Ask yourself basic questions and act or not according to your simple answers.


The books that didn’t help me

The information was good it, just didn’t relate to me.  I tend to learn and develop skills from someone that didn’t enjoy organizing their kindergarten reader books.  

One book is hugely popular and has good reviews.

I didn’t get past chapter three.

When I saw the chapter about folding clothes, I knew this was not for me. I’m not a minimalist and would be bored in a minimalist home.  But that’s me.  I know others that love the book and decluttered to find a happy home.  She now has a show on Netflix that I do plan to watch.

These are popular organizing books on Amazon.  Let me know in comments if you’ve read any of them.  I would love to compare notes. 

Click the images to shop popular organizing books


Do you enjoy reading books on readers?  I do and it keeps from having dusty books…to organize! 

Click the images to shop for readers



Let me know in comments below if you’ve read the books and your thoughts or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram. 

I can’t wait to compare notes. 

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  1. bohemianlinda says:

    A wee secret for you Ms. Chaney…. our retirement 2 bm home without any garage is filled to the the brim with what was a 4 bm, double story garage full basement, also a 3 bm single car townhouse, and endless piles of a grown son’s stuff all crammed into this this wee beauty for our golden years (whoever created that word is going to be maimed when I find him or her, trust me, bwahhahaah) and it has been sitting since Mar 2018 unpacked….allow that statement to sink in and you will find your brain has gone into warp drive to places you never knew your brain could go, hehehehe. We are also not well off enough to hire someone to do the darn unpacking either BWAH. Is that enough of a challenge for you, snicker, snicker. You did say you would like to know a bit about us fans so fair warned. You may want to rethink asking us about ourselves, Just a thought to help save your own sanity because mine done run off somewhere, lol. I do look forward to the adventures with you, really, I do when I find a pen and paper that is. Have a wonderful summer, regards Linfy

    1. Lol! I love your comment and can’t believe your situation! Maybe you should have a yard sale, but invite people inside to see and buy by the box. I am learning it’s freeing to get rid of stuff. Thank you for reading along with me. I hope you pop back by soon.

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