10 Things to do with a Broken Spindle

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You enter a thrift store and see a beautiful spindle, but have no idea what to do with it. These 10 things to do with a broken spindle will help. Most are very easy ideas, but a few require basic workworking skills. We’ve got this!

10 things to do with a broken spindle

My obsession with spindles started around six when I played ballerina while holding onto the spindle post of grandma’s old bed. I wore the paint away in my favorite places while pretending to pirouette.


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easy spindle hacks to create amazing home decor

If you’re looking for amazing spindles, and don’t want the thrift store ones with chippy paint and broken pieces, check out this collection.

1. Projects with simply the spindle

Using the spindle as a display object.  Two different types of spindle candle holders

Noticed, I used twine, rope, upholstery trims to lay around the candle holders. Then sprinkled a few fall leaves. The candles are battery and DIY!

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-7a | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Spindles – so cool they carry off the display without the candle!  Like the one in the spring decorating ideas mantel.

If you’re spindle is “cool” enough, simply hang it the wall! This cool spindle can be seen here hanging next to our DIY chalkboard. 

2. Farmhouse-style spindle projects

After the flowers faded this piece moved to my desk in the craft room.  It turns with marbles.  Spindle Lazy Susan DIY with marbles

Wood crate with spindle handle and sides.

The Spindle crate combines my two obsessions.  It holds my tea and ironed vinegar. I adore giving new boards from the lumberyard a great old barnwood look.

Even now living in Oklahoma, the land of barnwood, I make my own. That real barnwood has bugs!

I love the spindle I used for the handle. When you find a spindle you really like, make sure to use create it into an item you will use often. The feel of the spindle is amazing in my hand.

3. Broken Spindles help organize

You know those DIY projects that you “think” is a good idea, but could be a total failure?  I wasn’t sure which way this one was going.  Spindles as a DIY craft organizer  Whew!  It works!

Spindles between studs in my little workshop, holding rolls of tape and spools of twine.

Organizing my little workshop with spindles

  • Thread twine and tape on an old spindle. Then add a hook for your scissors.  Mount between studs. I cut the spindle slightly smaller than the distance between the studs. That way, I can easily add or replace tape.
  • Mount three spindles to hold frame clamps.  My toes love this one! Those clamps were always falling from the tool cabinet! These frame clamps make creating frames so easy. I use them for picture frames and frames for cabinet doors.
  • A spindle makes cool edging on boards and shelving. There’s no other purpose than to look cool!
Cabin Hooks Country Design Style

These hooks make me smile!  I wish I could live in one.  Wait, we do live in a cabin.  Cabin Hooks

UPDATE: We now live in a European Country Farmhouse. Wonder if it would be easy to create little European Country Farmhouses in a row. Hum!

Stay tuned!

4. Spindle jewelry


The tutorial for the necklace I’m wearing in the video is on this post called, Spindle beads. This necklace was a gift to a DIYer friend.  There are a few more projects on the post too. 

I wear my spindle necklace often and often get comments about. By the way, good comments. LOL.

5. Holiday Spindles

10 things to do with a broken spindle

This is very easy to make after you get the spindle arranged by length.  Pass on the pile of pine needles in the corner of the living room this Christmas and create a Spindle Christmas tree.  You might have a couple of paint chips to sweep up.

My favorite eggs…fried with butter, but I second fav…  Easter egg spindles.  Tons of farmhouse style in twine nests too!

Another gift for a talented blogging DIYer, a Santa boot chalkboard with spindles and seashells.  Spindle in a beach style. An MDF cut out of a Santa boot, painted with chalkboard paint. Then gluing seashells and leftover trim to the top for fur.


My favorite little Christmas tree..so far!  Mr. Brown’s Christmas tree made the move to Oklahoma because, all these years later, it still makes me smile.

Have you created a project that made you smile while making it? Let me know in comments what project put a smile on your face.

6. Chalkboards and spindles

chalkboard easel

I only use this easel a couple of times a year, but the spindle really tops it off.  This Easy chalkboard easel was donated just before we moved. It was so easy to make, so if we want another one for a yard sale or family reunion, I can wrip one up! Have you make an easel?

7. Broken spindles built into furniture

My grandson and I created a taller box and used the metal cart pieces to add industrial to our farmhouse living room.  To keep the cart from becoming too masculine I added a spindle in the middle of the top. The Industrial cart coffee table is now in our den and surprisingly still the same color! That doesn’t happen much around here. I know Mike worries about getting painted. Lol

Scrap wood mantel

Over the years, I created about 100 mantels.  This one is my favorite of all time!  It was like putting together a huge zigsaw puzzle, only I could cut the pieces to fit. The Scrap wood mantel is in my craft studio. The firebox is painted with chalkboard paint. The back is open so it’s easy to run an electrical cord for lighting. I found the vintage heater at junk shop a week before starting to build. It doesn’t work, but I like the way it looks. Sometimes I move it and draw fire in the box with chalk.

I don’t like seeing gadgets, cords, phones, or cable boxes. I don’t even like seeing the wall plugs. Please note this post is one of my first and the photos are horrid. Hiding the cable box 

8. Easy spindle projects

10 easy wood projects using spindles | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

There’s nothing easier than standing a spindle on end to display.  This collection of spindle projects is slightly more complicated than balancing a spindle.  But only slightly.  10 easy wood projects using a spindle.

9. More spindle ideas

Repurposed spindle

This is a mixture of ideas to create spindles projects. 10 more repurposing old furniture spindles.  Told you I was obsessed.

10. How to find spindles

How to find and create using spindles

A popular question I get from readers is, “Where do you find all your spindles?”  I put together a pretty detailed list of How to find wood spindles.  The best way is to train your eyes to look for those beautifully turned pieces as you scan thrift stores.


After hundreds of projects using steel wool and vinegar, I had to develop and expand the technique.

Above are some of the wood techniques I developed and included in the ‘How to Distress Wood” digital book.  Click to learn more.

Old gray porch spindle covered with white flowers

This post went through a major update to give you better help in finding a spindle project you can create.

10 things to do with a broken spindle

Above I included the college of the older photos.


If you’ve ever thought about making spindles on a lathe, this is a great place to start with the basics.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.  I enjoy helping readers with DIY projects and ideas.

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      Just keep your eyes open.

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