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You’re in the middle of a craft project. You brought a large needle for twine last year, but where is it now? It’s not in your sewing basket, not in your bag of yarn…it’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack of our craft supplies!

Craft storage idea main | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comI’m organizing small items in my craft room.

I found my large needle and am sharing how I plan to keep track of it from now on.

It all started with a yogurt….

Craft Storage Idea

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Have you ever been inspired by something unexpected?  Inspiration out of the blue is the best.  I wasn’t looking to be inspired…just wanted to try a new yogurt.  I had no idea the yogurt riding in my shopping cart would inspire an organization idea for my craft supplies.

Craft Containers Organizing small items yogurt | Country Design Style |

As a teenager, I found yogurt and fell in love.

Unless there’s ice cream in the room.

Since I’m cutting back on sugar and most yogurt and ice cream have mountains of sugar, I started reading labels.

Then last week I saw it. The cutest little glass yogurt cup…yes yogurt in a glass cup.  And with little sugar.


Update to the post!  The company now sells lids for these adorable glass yogurt cups.  Grab your Oui Yogurt lids here.

Craft Containers Organizing small items in jars | Country Design Style |

Unlike most jars, these little cups have labels that are super duper easy to remove.  No smelly oily greasy stuff.  Just peel the label and use a scrubby sponge and dish soap.

Craft Containers Organizing small items fp | Country Design Style |

I decided to make simple burlap tops to use as a lid.

Supplies to cover one jar

Square of burlap 5 inches including pulling about 5 or 6 threads to make a fringe.
A large needle to thread twine
Cotton twine approximately 22 inches
A ring from a wide-mouth mason jar {I used it to make a circle}

The steps I used

Craft Containers Organizing small items 2 | Country Design Style |

I started by drawing a circle on the burlap using the outside edge of the mason jar ring.  Then, pulled threads in the burlap to make a square.

Craft Containers Organizing small items burlap squares | Country Design Style |

Notice I pulled extra to make a fringe around all four sides.

Craft Containers Organizing small items running stitch | Country Design Style |

Then using a large running stitch I followed the pencil line.

Craft Containers Organizing small items hold your finger right here | Country Design Style |

Then I gathered up the stitches and made a double knot.  Next, I added the tag and made a bow.

Craft Containers Organizing small items burlap covered jars | Country Design Style |

I found little wood tags to use to label the jars.

To open the jars I simply slide the burlap bonnet off.  Then pop back over the rim of the jar to close.

Craft Containers Organizing small items Feature Photo | Country Design Style |

As always I love filling and labeling small craft supplies.

Craft Containers Organizing small items sq | Country Design Style |

So far, I’ve eaten four yogurt cups.  In the craft room, I’m creating a wall of organization

Craft Containers Organizing small items not sure what this is | Country Design Style |

While filling the cups, I found this item and I have no idea what it is?  It has the slightest hook or curve at the end of the point.  Let me know in comments below if you know.

Craft Containers Organizing small items vintage tea cups | Country Design Style |

Way before blogging was invented, I made this little shelf to hold vintage tea cups.  I adore the teacups but now store them in a cabinet.  This shelf has been a catch-all in our bedroom closet.  So I found another place to keep the lint rollers…

Craft storage idea done | Country Design Style |

and will be using the shelf in the wall storage.

Craft storage idea | Country Design Style |

I challenge you to find a creative idea to use these adorable little cups.

By the way, the yogurt is delicious!!!!

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  1. Shannon Combs says:

    P.S. I was just reading your piece on growing up poor where you had commented about not dying your gray steak. Funny because I just decided last year to no longer highlight my hair and to let it go gray. Well, I’ve gotten more compliments since I let it go gray, than I ever did when I had it highlighted.

    1. Shannon, I’ve had my gray streak since my early 30’s. I love mine! Although I also stopping coloring mine about 2 years ago.

  2. Shannon Combs says:

    I just discovered this yogurt myself. I kept trying to come up with something to do with the little cups too. Thanks for the idea!

  3. LOL…I have three of those yogurt jars sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be upcycled. I bought the yogurt specifically for the jars.

  4. Really like to find ways to reduce trash and recycle. I use the plastic yogurt cup to mix pint, water for painting with water colors, hoping small bits when I take something apart. I even save them and give them t the high school art teacher. Thank you for sharing this great idea!

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