9 Insanely Awesome ways to add Spring to your Home

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There’s pink fluffy stuff everywhere. Pink rabbits with floppy ears, pink plastic eggs, and a pink sign that says, “Spring.” If you don’t do pastels spring can be tough.  I don’t do pastels.  Unless light gray is a pastel.

Spring DIY Projects

Let’s jump right in. I’m sharing my favorite easy spring DIY projects. Hold on to your hat.

Spring Wall Hangings


You know those times when you make a mess creating your DIY project? This project is one of those. These silk flowers are now hard to the touch and pure white. Yours could be any color you like. Including pastel. 🙂     Falling Flowers 



I almost wore this spring DIY project as a skirt! It’s so easy to make. There’s another version of this under a cake below. Scroll down and take a peek.     Deconstructed flower banner



One year I wore out a grapevine wreath and recreated a new version every month. The one for April happened to be my favorite. Plus there are twine nests!   April Wreath


Spring Tabletop

This is a simple tip for tired flowers. Wonder if a straw would help me when I’m tired??    Loves me, loves me not


Remember the flowery skirt from above? This is the “under the cake” version. Perfect for mother’s day or even a wedding.    Floral Drape


These incredible metal flower frames were in our local thrift store. I saw them laying on the shelf and plowed through the customers to grab them. Actually, there were only two customers and I politely walked pass…quickly!   Metal Flower Chalkboards

General Spring Ideas

Shop-Your-Home-Country-Design-Style-countrydesignstyle.com- (1)

While I’m not a shopper, unless it’s a junk or thrift store, I do shop my home. This is great tips for shopping your home for any season.   Shop your home

Easter Spring Projects


You saw these in miniature above in the April wreath. Now they grew! I use these all year round.   Twine Nests


Easter usually doesn’t make our mantel. But after making this mantel from an old organ, I had to decorate, and decorate, and well you get the picture.    Easter Mantel

Spring-DIY-projects pin | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

This weekend is our first spring weather and it’s a Spring DIY project weekend. I’m putting on my light gray sweatpants and getting to work outside.

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