How to make a wreath with ribbons and mod podge

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There were many rushed school mornings when I was a kid. Then there were those magical mornings with extra time. Dad would comb my hair on those mornings. His gentle hands would work through the tangles. Then finish by tying a ribbon in my hair. As I walked to school the ribbon would fall out.

This DIY project reminded me of dad’s gentle hands and all those lost ribbons.

Wreath with ribbons

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After making a twine wreath and had a brainstorm of an idea in the middle of the night to try a ribbon wreath.  Heading to the craft aisle I gathered ribbons in soft spring colors.

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I used three feet of each of the six types of ribbon.  Each strip of ribbon was recut to different lengths between 4 inches and 12 inches.  Then I added the pieces of ribbon to a cereal bowl.  Not my actual cereal bowl, just one I use for crafts only. 🙂

Next, I wrapped my round metal jello mold with wax paper.

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Then I poured the white Mod Podge over the pieces, sorta like pouring milk over cereal.  Then like a kid would do…stick my hands into the cereal bowl and mix.  Mix the sticky, gooey Mod Podge coating the ribbons.

Now it’s time to get creative.  Weave, wrap and lay the ribbons around the jello mold.  Cover any large gaps.

Then I laid another piece of wax paper over the top, and down the sides pressing the ribbons together.  Leave the wax paper over the ribbons for about 4 hours.

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Then I removed the wax paper over the top.  Let dry.

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When the ribbons were dry, I removed the wax paper from the back of the wreath.  I stuck in a silk flower through the ribbons and hung on a cabinet door.


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