Spring wreath for front door in 15 minutes

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Add a pop of color with a spring wreath for your front door in 15 mins. This wreath took 15 mins even with the wrong glue.

Spring wreath for front door 1 | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

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Under normal situations, you use hot glue to make a faux floral wreath. But if you have nothing to protect your fancy eating table, don’t use hot glue.

Instead, use craft glue and a bit of patience. A tiny bit…I took 15 minutes to finish.

Spring wreath for front door supplies

List of dollar store supplies for the wreath

Grapevine wreath {mine is small 8 to 10 inches}

5 strays of spring florals {I used forsythia stems}

Craft glue     {I love the tackiness of this glue}

Small wire cutters

Protect your tabletop

Spring wreath for front door cutting floral wire

Notice the paper towel? It’s all I had to protect the table in the RV. I didn’t bring anything to protect the surfaces when using hot glue. But keep reading, below I’m sharing what I found that is perfect to use on our RV fancy eaten table and at home. Found after making the wreath.

Back to the wreath

Spring wreath for front door stripped

Spend your first few minutes cutting the stems from the “main stem.”

Spring wreath for front door wiring on florals

Start with the longer floral pieces and dip the ends in craft glue and stick between the vines. Lay the long pieces along the wreath, then dip another in glue and overlap with the previous stem. This helps hold the stems in a circle around the wreath.

Spring wreath for front door fillin with small florals

This will take about 5 minutes. By the time you’ve made it around the wreath, the glue is dry from the first several stems.

Spring wreath for front door finished inside

Then fill in areas with any smaller or shorter pieces. Again dipping the ends in the glue and inserting between the grapevines. Let the glue dry completely.

My found idea

Hang the wreath and take a walk. You never know what inspirations you’ll find on a walk.

After I finished the wreath, Mike and I took a walk and found a family dollar store. One of those dollar stores that nothing is one dollar!  :/

Spring wreath work surface a rubber shower mat

Anywho! I did find a shower mat for $4.50. Perfect to use crafting without gluing fake leaves to the table.

Spring wreath for front door finished on fence |

Cause that would be wrong…right??

What pop of color could your front door use?  Let me know in comments below.

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  1. Betty Sabin says:

    I do love yellow for spring but I miss my lilacs at my house I had before moving here. Sooo I think I will do lavender and hopefully find some artificial lilacs.

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