Loves Me, Loves Me Not

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Loves Me, loves me not???  How many daisies did you destroy trying to answer that question?

straws washi tape and flowers

And just who was the “he?”

straws and flowers

Today I’m sharing an easy idea to decorate with daisies.


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Destroyed Daisies 

My cousin and I destroyed hundreds when we were about seven years old.  She and I would walk to the pond gathering the wild daisies along the way and pulling off a petal at a time.  We didn’t have a “he” in mind.

Nowadays I’ve stopped destroying daisies.  I just don’t think the daisies know much about boys.

When the days start getting longer and buds on the trees form, it’s time to grab a handful of Gerber daisies at the grocery store to welcome spring.

Loves Me 2 | Country Design Style |

The only problem with Gerber daisies…they droop!  Usually not the first day.  But the next morning you walk into the living room with daisies facing floor!

Above is an idea to give a daisy “crutches.”  Add a straw.  This isn’t my idea.  In fact, the straws above came with the daisies.  I just decorated the straw with green checked washi tape.  Cool, right?

loves me cutting straw | Country Design Style |

Now when your daisies don’t come with a straw just add a drinking straw.  If the straw doesn’t fit.  Cut down the straw to wrap around the stem.  Or order a bag of the larger milkshake straws.  Now I want a vanilla shake!! 

Note the bling flower…

Loves Me Beads | Country Design Style |

it’s for scrapbooking and comes with sticky backing.  I chopped it up in pieces and added bling to the daisy straw stems.

Loves Me Script | Country Design Style |

Above straws were covered the newsprint washi tape.

The ideas are endless.

What are your ideas for keeping daisies attention?

Did you play the love me, love me not, game?

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