How to make a floral drape using silk flowers

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I couldn’t wait to share this idea to make a floral drape with you.  The idea came in the middle of the night. It’s not a window drape, instead, it involves cake!

Floral Drape with dollar store flowers | Country Design Style |

I shared it on Periscope.  If you’re not following on Periscope or not sure what Periscope even is…click here to learn more.  You can watch live DIY tips and projects each week and more.  The Periscope from this project is below.

This floral drape idea is perfect for spring luncheons, Mother’s day or weddings.

And…it’s easy!

This project is so easy and fun to make you can have one this weekend!

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Dollar Store Silk Flowers for Drape | Country Design Style |

All that’s need for this project is about 5 or 6 bunches of silk flowers from the dollar store and a glue gun.  Oh, something to press lightly as you’re gluing.  I use a silicone rubber spatula and/or silicone fingertips.

silk flowers

Heat up the glue gun.

Take the flowers completely apart.  Remove all the strange shaped plastic bits between the layers of silk.  Start with the larger flowers first.  Separate the layers and layout the flowers overlapping some of the petals on a hot glue gun safe surface.  I use marble countertops in the kitchen, but a glass cutting board or heat resistant pad.

Glue petals together starting with the larger flowers.  Continue until you’ve glued to the size you wish.  I’m using my floral drape to lay over a cake stand that’s 10-inch square.  So, I want my floral drape to be around a 20-inch square.

Floral Drape Size | Country Design Style |

Above I draped the flowers over my cake stand to check for size and how far I want the flowers to hang.  I don’t want a perfect square.  Instead, I envision flowers to hang lower in some areas.

I kept gluing flowers filling in areas and making more layers.  Then I drape the flowers over my cake stand and glue additional smaller flowers around the edges that I left intact.

The floral drape video

Above is the periscope from yesterday showing more details.  Mike was thrilled the “greens” didn’t make it into his salad! 😕

Floral Drape and cake | Country Design Style |

Here’s a top view of the floral drape…and our grocery store cake.  As I’m typing this…there’s cake in my tummy!  Yum.

let them eat cake | Country Design Style |

I made a floral banner, in the same manner, you can see here.

let them eat cake | Country Design Style |

I also added some foam bead stuff that’s also in the silk flower section. You know the thing that sticks to everything with static. The floral drape easily washes by swishing around in a sink of warm soapy water. If any area comes unglued…just glue back.

floral drape with cake

I might have cake on mine now. 😕

If you need help arranging real flowers check out these ideas.

Here we applied flowers directly on furniture.

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