Shop Your Home: 4 things you can accomplish and save money too!

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You’re digging through the upstairs closet looking for your extra iron, and you come across that ghastly frame your aunt Ida handed down to you years ago. You would love to toss it, but guilt allows it to hang around for a few more years. Let’s figure out how to use it and shop your home.

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Sound familiar? What if you took that dreadful frame and turned it so incredible you can’t wait to hang it over the mantel?

That’s one of the most effective techniques for learning to shop your home. 

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If you’re looking for more room accessories click this link to visit more easy ideas.

If you’re looking for more room accessories click this link to visit more easy ideas.

Shop Your Home | Country Design Style |

Learn 4 main ways to shop your home. 

Shop by color

There was a time when every room in my home would have pops of green. It’s been my favorite color since I was six. Back then, asking, “what’s your favorite color?” was a massive part of getting to know a new friend.

Shop Your Home By Color Pin | Country Design Style |

Pick one color. Say…green and start walking with only green in mind—different shades and tones of green from light turquoise green to deep forest green. Don’t forget to scan the kitchen cabinets, clothes closets, and the garage for unique displays. Maybe pass on the dirty plastic oil pan. 😕

Shop by style

My best tip for finding style ideas is to rummage through the pins on Pinterest. Do a search on cottage style and gather ideas to turn a broken plastic basket into a floral fabric basket to hold mail. 

Shop by style. Gather up chippy frames and floral fabric, and pastels pillows for a shabby chic vignette. Raid the garage or workshop for old tools, rusty cans, and old wood for a rustic mantel display.

Shop Your Home by Color SQ | Country Design Style |

Shop by texture

Texture adds interest to areas. It’s a fun way to redo a corner of the bedroom or an entryway. 

Shop your home by textures. Texture adds interest. In a corner, add a small leather chair, a nubby pillow, a smooth glass lamp, with a sparkly cut glass vase filled with flowers.

Shop by object

basket with stack of white dishes

If you love a clean and modern look, this idea is a fantastic sauce! It’s great too if you have old collections of stuff. 

Shop your home by objects. Collect frames to layer on a ledge. Stack plates on a kitchen shelf. Display vintage vases on an entry table. Layer scarves on a picnic table.

Ideas if your home stuff is, well, ugly. 

We all have ugly stuff. Remember the ghastly frame? Each one of the ideas below 


Spray paint goes hand in hand with “shopping your home.” Spray paints nowadays even work on plastic. An ugly plastic planter with multi-colored flowers looks modern and updated painted one color. 

Tear it apart

Embrace the broken pieces. Plates with outdated designs make stunning mosaics. Metal flowers on fireplace screens pop off for fantastic metal flower displays. And, aunt Ida’s frame may have beautiful molding to add around a wood box. 

Or look at the backside. Ghastly frames are sometimes built on beautiful old wood. Turn the frame around and lean on the mantel. Show off the old wood. 

Cover it

Mod podge and pretty fabric or paper can cover up years of ugly decor. 

Amazon boxes add farmhouse style when covered with a drop cloth.

Recover or paint floral chairs to fit your style. 

Shop Your Home by Color | Country Design Style |

Use it differently 

After all this, I wonder what my niece will change my spoon-holder macrame into when handed down to her.

As long as she shops her home and makes it her own, it’s all fantastic sauce. 

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