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The posts are over 90% DIY projects in a farmhouse, cabin or cottage style.  The other 10% are recipes, organization, and DIY musings.

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13 Decorating Principles Reviews


Excellent! Simple and easy to read and it all made sense. Well done.” – Sandra C.

Not your basic decorating list of do’s and don’ts. I expected to see a bunch of tips I’d heard a million times, but these principles are original and just plain good advice. I recently put together a giant 7ft x 12ft collage wall just using items I loved and had collected over time, and what do you know, they all coordinated beautifully. So I especially agree with tip #1. I live by tip #3 as well, since I don’t like things to look cluttered. Great reminders for adding your own style to your home and making it look good.” – Jenifer M.

I love it, it is pretty simple and understandable, it’s a back to basics when our brains are so full of Pinterest ideas that we can’t see clear enough what we really need to achieve ” our very own style“. – Andrea G.

Dear Jeanette, last week I discovered your website on the internet. I am a colour and interior consultant and I feel we share the same ideas. I love restyling furniture, inspiring people to discover their creativity and create a warm home of their own. So THANK YOU for the 13 Decorating principles. It is really a nice and clear review. I am gonna share this with my students. So your message will be spread in Belgium 🙂 I wish you lots of success and pleasure with all your projects!” – Marleen

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when decorating because you are looking at the whole project. This guide breaks down the steps involved in decorating a room so you can have fun creating your own unique space that suits you and your personality – and you can do it all on a budget!” – Shelley C.


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