One Wreath Twelve Ways April

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One-wreath-twelve-ways-april-country-design-style-Sq-brownThroughout the year I’m taking one grapevine wreath and redoing it for each month.

One wreath twelve ways April is burlap nests, mattress ticking, and hydrangeas.

One-Wreath-Twelve-Ways-Country-Design-Style-2I started with leftover burlap threads I pulled when making the inspired by art burlap wall hangings.  I cut the long strings into shorted pieces about 2 inches long.

One-Wreath-Twelve-Ways-Country-Design-Style-3I added white glue to a paper plate and tossed in the burlap.  Mix this around like tossing a salad.

Hum, now I’m glued to my camera!

One-Wreath-Twelve-Ways-Country-Design-Style-4I peeled away the camera and used small condiment bowls covered with foil to drape the gluey gooy burlap over.  Then I let dry overnight.

Making-burlap-nests-country-design-styleThis morning I peeled away the foil…

One-Wreath-Twelve-Ways-Country-Design-Style-8Then cut away any burlap strings around the top I didn’t like.

One-Wreath-Twelve-Ways-Country-Design-Style-5The grapevine wreath was next wrapped in a long piece of mattress ticking about 5 inches wide by 7 feet long.  I simply ripped the material because I wanted the frayed edges.

One-Wreath-Twelve-Ways-Country-Design-Style-6Secret!  I used office clips on the back to hold the two ends of the mattress ticking.

April-wreath-SQ-no-letteringNext I tucked in hydrangeas. {I wanted to use my dried hydrangeas, but they were getting too crumbly}  Then I used floral wire to hold on the burlap nests. and I miniature chicken cookie cutter.  Then I added “eggs” that are really something roundish and whitish I found digging in some potpourri.

Amazing stuff in potpourri!


There I done!  My one wreath twelve ways April.

Only 8 more to go!  Can you believe it!  This year just got started.


One-wreath-twevle-ways-sqSo stick around as I redone the grapevine wreath on the first Monday of each month.

There are the other wreaths so far.




April-wreath-thumbI think April is my favorite wreath so far.


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