Twine Nests

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You’ve spent hours coloring eggs.  The kitchen is a mess, you just stepped on an eggshell, so why not continue the mess and make twine nests?

I promise these are easier than dropping eggs in dye and having it crack on the way down.  Then it overflows red dye on your new dining table.

Finished Twine Nests | Country Design Style |

Twine Nests

Warning gooey project ahead!  Still not as bad as coloring eggs.  🙂

How to make twine nests | Country Design Style |

This is the collection of household items needed to make a twine nest.

Bits and pieces of twine {I like to add several different kinds of twine to my nest}  In this one I have chunky yarn, sisal rope, burlap threads, cotton twine, pieces of stiff twine from Christmas wrapping and threads from black and white ticking material.  The pieces can be from 2 to 3 inches up to 12 to 14 inches long.  I had about enough twine to fill the smaller bowl without smashing it down.
Mod Podge A white glue works too.  Mod Podge makes a stiffer nest.
Two deep bowls that fit inside each other  Pick bowls the size you want for your finished nest.  My bowls are 6.25 and 7 inches across.
Two pieces of wax paper  About 16 inches each.
A wet washcloth or sink nearby Remember the warning!

Twine Nests | Country Design Style |

The steps

Lay down one piece of wax paper and pile on your twine.

Pour on about 3 or 4 tablespoons on top of your twine.

Making Twine Nests | Country Design Style |

In the top of the photo above is the blue bowl turned upside down and covered with the other piece of wax paper.  Do this to your smaller bowl.

Next…remove any rings or bracelets and plow your hands into the gooeyness.

Mix with your hands until most threads are covered.  Not all threads should be completely covered.

Now cover your small bowl with threads.  Don’t be too neat.  Just make sure the threads are even in thickness and there are no large holes in the nest.

Goopy Twine to make Twine Nests | Country Design Style |

Add the larger bowl over the nest.  Turn upright and let dry about 1 hour.

Eggs in Twine Nest | Country Design Style |

Then slowly peel the wax papers from the inside and outside of your twine nest.  The twine may still be slightly damp.  Let the nest dry completely.

You can see my other nest here along with the rest of our Easter mantel.

Twine Nest and twine wrapped eggs | Country Design Style |

These are perfect for decorating with during any season or holiday.

Some ideas:

  • Nestled in a boxwood summer wreath
  • Filled with autumn leaves or pinecones
  • On the mantel with faux snow and a little white bird

This is a nest or bowl made in the same way using fake leaves make for fresh spring decor. 

Here’s a collection of twine DIY projects.  Twine Globe, and Wrapped in Twine.  

Did you notice, I didn’t color my eggs??  ;D

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