Make stunning arrangements like a floral designer

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Have you tried to add flowers to a long container only to have them fall over?  Or fall completely out of the container upside down and land for and the floor. Then only to step on the head of the flower.  After getting tired of smashed flowers I came up with a few tips that will help you make stunning arrangements like a floral designer.

Make stunning arrangements like a floral designer

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Picking Flower Sizes

Keeping it easy, start with an arrangement of three types of flowers. Pick your small flower, medium size, and larger flowers. I picked babies breath for my small flowers. Tulips for the medium flowers. Then brassica for large flowers.

I’m picking a long vase to make this extra hard and use a long container.  You know the one that flowers tip over and lands on the floor. 

Picking Flower Colors

Notice I picked white babies breath and purple tulips.  Then a green brassica and another brassica in all three colors.  I do believe the color is personal and what goes together is personal.  Group different colors and if you like it…it works.

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I’m using my favorite the pig trough. We all have a favorite pig trough, right?

My first tip is to add smaller vases inside the long vase…or pig trough! The middle vase is long but if you didn’t have one several small vases would be fine. Or even a group of thrift store glasses lined up inside the trough.

Make-stunning-arrangements-like-a-floral-designer-trough | Country Design Style |

Then my next tip is to use the small flowers first. They almost act like a floral tape or floral frogs holding the flowers upright. I cut them down to eight or nine inches. Then spread them across all the vases inside.

Baby’s breath is like “kids floaties” for the large flowers.  They hold them up in the water. 

Make-stunning-arrangements-like-a-floral-designer-brassica | Country Design Style |

Now I added the green brassica. Brassica is like cabbage only prettier and not as tasty.  I cut them down so the heads just show over the pig trough.  The babies breathe holds the brassica in place.  Note about brassica:  Remove the brassica before it starts to age.  You know the awful smell of cabbage that’s old…this is the same.  Yuck!
Make-stunning-arrangements-like-a-floral-designerwith-brassica 2 | Country Design Style |

Then the purple brassica is placed between the green brassica.

Make-stunning-arrangements-like-a-floral-designer-tulips | Country Design Style |

The bunch of tulips had nine stems. I used groups of three. One at each end and one in the middle. I cut them to peek over the top of the brassica and babies breath.

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Done!  This arrangement was created in under 15 minutes…and not a one hit the floor!

When your tulips wilt and brassica begins to stink toss them and do this with your babies breath!!!

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I have a huge passion for grocery store flowers.  I bought these at our local grocery.  When I was a single mom with little money, we would buy a bunch when the budget allowed.  They were usually $4 way back then.  A small group of flowers brightened up our little duplex.

Make-stunning-arrangements-like-a-floral-designer-1 | Country Design Style |

Following these simple tips and tricks will have you making floral arrangements like your corner floral designer.  The only thing smushed under foot is will be the glob of paint from our paint brush.  🙂

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